Project description

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Project description
The project involves the construction of a family building. It is a house that my client has longed to possess all the entire life. It is a two story building with a floor space of 200 square metres on each floor which totals up to 400 square metres. The building is Marina Yas and it is located in the address Abu Dhabi, Shahamah BAH 209. The end user of the project is thus a family and therefore in its design and construction so many considerations have to be made. Being a residential house the project has 2 bedrooms on the ground floor with a sitting room and a visitor’s lounge. The ground floor has also a parking area of 3 cars and a kitchen too. The first floor has 4 bedrooms and 2 kitchens. It is also having a visitor’s lounge and a sitting room.
The project with regard to its location and the intended purpose it will need to be fenced well enough for the whole family’s protection and security. The house too due to its magnificent nature it will require support systems like the drainage the telephone system and also the internet connection just to mention a few.
Project scope is that stage in project management that is involved with the establishment and filing or writing down the individual tasks to be performed from one stage in the project to the other and also the requirements in each stage. It basically tries to narrow down the work from the whole project to sub-projects that can easily be monitored and those that can easily be managed by an individual from one step to the other and ensure quality and accountability in the whole project realization. Project scope ensures that the team and all the people who will be involved with the design and building of this house remain focused and will ensure that the planned work is done within the specified period. The basic items of concern it this are;
1. Justification
Considering my client’s dream of a big house with a big compound, my firm which is involved with the design and building of houses designed this house. It is due to my client’s need of a house which will serve him as a residential palace and as a home too that the house has two stories and a big sitting room with both floors having visitor’s lounges. Also taken into consideration is the large family of the client. My client is living with part of the extended family and this call for the large number of bedrooms. Also the family owns two cars and therefore the need to have a car parking area in the house with maximum security. The fact that my client is a businessman and the high chances of visiting business friends and deals, there was need for an extra parking lot for another car making the lot to have 3 car parking areas and a study in the story to avoid interruptions when deals are being made.
2. Objectives
The objective of the project is to design and build a two story residential house. The design process should ensure that all the civil design, mechanical design, drainage systems, floor Layout, Structural Design, electrical installations design, sanitary and all the plumping works design, computer network cabling and wireless systems design, fire prevention and protection provisions design, communication box for telephone lines and fax machine design are followed to the letter as designed by the individual engineers are professionals in the different areas to produce the end user house as exactly intended for this purpose and by the client.
3. Approach or Sub phases
Under this area we are going to look at the different areas of the project and how they are going to be approached and what is basically going to be done. As a contractor at this area we subdivide the work into different phases of working. We have the design phase which is followed by the feasibility phase and then lastly the implementation phase. In the design phase much consideration is given to the client’s description of what they would want and their ability to fund or provide the necessary resources required in the realization of the whole project. Much detail is followed keenly to ensure that the design is exactly or almost exactly the client’s wish because as a firm we work our best to ensure that we satisfy the client needs and those they are able to make a recommendation in the future or give us more of their other projects. In the feasibility phase, much consideration is given to the details of the design to ascertain whether they can be achieved or whether they can sustain the area of the construction. Lastly we have the implementation phase which involves the actualization of the design. It is here that what is conceived in the mind I practically put into something visible that is a house. Working with the different specialties in the construction industry we will be able to now construct and build the required house per the specifications of our client. We have to work hard to e.............

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