Production Review

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Production Review

At times one needs to sit back and relax after a busy day and there is no better way to do that than watching a play. I had the opportunity of watching traditional Russian play entitled Three Sisters. The play which was a Brian Friel’s adaptation of the original play by Anton Chekhov first opened in the Guildhall, Derry on the 8th of September, 1981.

The play directed by Gordon Reinhart took place at the Special Events Centre (SPEC) situated at the Boise State University campus. I went in early long before the play started and had some ample time of examining the stage, being a play that is driven by character I sat on the second row so that I could clearly see the facial expression of the actors. The stage did not have any drapes, thus one was able to see the all the walls of the theatre itself. There was a projection screen that was hanged at the back to replicate the outdoors. There were also two tables on both the two ends of the stage.

Plot Summary

The show started in a very unique way with the sisters delivering a speech from the director. The play is about three blood sisters but with very different characters that it is herd to believe they are actually sisters. Samantha berry played as Olga is a very staunch sister with deep religious beliefs, Thompson Tiara played as Marsha, and Irina played by Tess Gregg.

The play revolves around love and morals, Samantha berry is portrayed as a person who believes in morals and does not entertain any immorality, she does all that she can do within her power to ensure the family holds together. Marsha is depicted as being sad she is married but is not in love with the husband, which is absurd as it defeats logic why she got married in the first place to a person she does not love. The third sister brings out the immorality in the society; she is young and desires to explore the world, even if it is only Moscow. In the play she stands for the young men and women from the countryside and their desires to go to the big city no matter the cost. Irina has only just turned 20, but has had affairs with very many men yet she is the youngest among the three sisters. The supporting cast also does a good job in trying to bring out the characters of the three sisters.


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