Product launch plan for Volco

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Product launch plan for Volco







The paper discusses the launching of a new drink called Volco in both international and local markets. Venue and date of which launching will take place is also given in the paper. It gives the merits of this drink over others. Since it is a new product, the objectives, promotions and strategies that will be used in marketing are also presented. It is summarized by giving out the expected expenditures and expected income from the year one.

  1. Introduction

The recent research has affirmed that drinks being sold in the market have high alcoholic contents. Moreover, the alcoholic percentage is increasing day in day out. Clients who consume these products have been misinformation about this. They end up being in very complex conditions that cannot be explained after consuming very large quantities of these drinks. This can be assumed to be the cause recent rise in road accidents. It is due to these factors that we introduce a new product called Volco. This product is 0.00% alcoholic (as tested by National Bureau of Standards on 3rd Jan 2009) and serves to complete, the consumers’ utility. The test has been severally done and the same result maintained. It is neither bitter now sour. Volco is available in various affordable quantities. Volco is a soft drink.




  1. Launching of Volco

We wish to officially launch the product on 8th April, 2010. Launching will take place at Regina International Hotel. Volco by now has been known through the ongoing promotion. The promotion has covered approximately a third of the country and 1/10 of international markets. The introductions to international markets are done through internet. We shall launch the product in both markets. In international market, we shall use both internet and advertisement methods (Okuda, 2006).

  1. Objectives and targets

One of our main objectives is to capture about a third of both international and domestic markets (this will ensure maximum profit) as business deals with profits and so ours (Lacobucci, 2001). The new products will a certain that two markets are covered; International and domestic. We hope that by the end of the year 2015, this would have been achieved. Though it might take long for the people to develop interest in Volco, and this might cause a slow growing company, our staff and their supportive have dedicated themselves to this hard work. They work hand in hand with the managerial body to ensure that our objectives and scopes are achieved as per the. Our new brand also aims to satisfy the customers who are never satisfied by the existing drinks. set time.

  1. Marketing strategies

Achievement of our goals will be made possible through marketing and promotion.............

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