Privacy Act in relation to the Federal Act

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Privacy Act in relation to the Federal Act

The stated Privacy Act of 1974 protects the public from a possible privacy breach by the Federal agencies use of personal records. The law basically allows a person to know how the Federal government gets, uses and destroys his data. It also allows a person to get access to most personal information that the federal agencies keep; in addition, they can seek corrections on any incomplete, wrong, irrelevant or untimely information.

The privacy act still applies to any personal information that the executive branch of the federal government agencies have on an individual. In reference to the executive branch those implicated include departments that deal with corporations, military, cabinet and government. Agencies, that include both government and interdependent. Government controlled corporations and other executive branch institutions. In addition all agencies subject to the Freedom of Information Act fall under the Freedom Act. However, records kept by private organizations or companies or the local and state governments often do not apply to the privacy act

In a broader perspective the Privacy Act only applies to records stored within a recording system. The system of.............

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