Preliminary Data Analysis – Interview 1

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Preliminary Data Analysis – Interview 1

Research Question: How does stress affect the operation of paramedics?

Methodological notes Transcript 1 Preliminary Data Analysis


































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Interviewer:  Tell me a little about your work as a paramedic prior to study in Australia?

Int 004: My job prior my current study mainly involved providing general medical care to patients in hospitals as well as other medical facilities. This was mainly voluntary. This is very contrary to what I do currently here in Australia, whereby, my job mostly involves conducting emergency surgeries. These mostly involve emergency cases and aim at stabilizing the patient’s condition before he/ she gets to a hospital. In case of an accident, the paramedic assesses the victim’s condition, and then determines whether to perform the surgeries if they are in life threatening conditions. The victims are later taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Int 004: I have been a practicing paramedic for 12 years

Interviewer: Do you have any speciality?

Int 004: I carry out a variety of treatments but although I mostly specialize in carrying out surgeries in emergency cases

Interviewer: What was the most positive aspect of working as a paramedic in Saudi Arabia?

Int 004: The practice of paramedics in Saudi gives the paramedics wide experience in the practice as well as in increasing mentoring and the opportunities for career development. In terms of service to the people, the practice has many positive aspects but the main one lies in the satisfaction one gets after having saved a life or after seeing that a patient has safely and efficiently been handed over to the hospital without any complications that a paramedic would have prevented. There is complete joy in being able to successfully undertake our various responsibilities.

Interviewer: What do you see as the main causes of stress for Saudi paramedics?

Int 004:  Paramedics practice in Saudi could also be a cause of stress to the practitioners. One of the reasons for stress is the high number of emergencies that require the paramedics’ attention and long hours of work, aspects that make the job very pressurizing. Another challenge that could cause stress as a result of practicing paramedics in Saudi is the poor channels of coordination and communication within the medical departments. This causes the poor provision of medical resources as well as poor channels of presenting the grievances and issues that need to be addressed.

Interviewer: How do these stressors effect the operation (efficiency) of paramedics? .............

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