Political Economy of Chinese Film Industry

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Political Economy of Chinese Film Industry


Currently, the Chinese film industry has developed immensely. The development is multidimensional in many spheres such as culture, social, political, and economic aspects (Pickowicz 67). In particular, this research opts to use different case studies to analyze how the contemporary Chinese films are competitive in the political economy.

Background of the study

Contextually, the research will be based in China, with particular focus on the film industry. Out of the many issues that ensue in the contemporary film industry, this research will only concentrate on the political economy. Thus, the research will be explicit in analyzing the contemporary facets of the political economy that shape, influence, or develop the modern film sector in China.

Problem Statement

Several previous studies have focused on relational notions. They compare the traditional and contemporary films in the context of technology (Winseck, Dwayne and Dal 56). Others compare Chinese films to the outside world; especially, America. Therefore, the study aims to fill the knowledge gap about the political economy of the contemporary films from China.

Research Objectives and Questions

The primary research objective is to analyze and evaluate the political economy of the modern Chinese film sector. In particular, it will investigate how the contemporary films have changed or developed in correspondence with other related film industries. Additionally, the main research questions are:

  1. What is the political trend of development of Chinese films?
  2. How are Chinese films valued in the global context?
  3. How are the contemporary films from China competitive in political economy?

Rationale for the study

Explicitly, the research shall add new ideas and real.............

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