Police technology

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Police technology



The police service has made several improvements on the technology it uses. For the last ten years, there has been a high rate of changes in technology in the police departments. For example, the Canadian police are the first to use a software for facial recognition that screens individuals during investigations and when arrests are being made.  It is important that the police executives are current with the improvements taking place on technology. The police service of Canada has been reviewing and evaluating the facial recognition technology since last year. The facial recognition systems have similarities to the fingerprint systems and search database that has almost 300,000 images taken under the act of criminal identification. Facial identification technology is useful in investigating through comparing photos and videos from CCTV of the individuals of interest with the CPS current database. The facial recognition system used by the police in Canada proves the performance of Neo face solution.  The use of the software is more efficient in identification of criminals. Facial recognition software uses a combination of mathematical algorithm as a pattern of recognition that is used in screening the photos in the database for any potential matches. The matches are the further investigated to allow follow up.  The software is also used in identification of arrestees, as they get booked into the court services so that less time and resources are used in the cases (Sanburn, 2014).

Crime lights are also among the new technology that is being embraced by the police force. Most times crimes happen in inconveniencing places that have no light.  Several crime lights have different settings to detect fibers, hair, and body fluids. Through using the lights, the crime scenes are processed faster than previously.  The lights have made access to site that were unreachable more reachable an accessible. The crime lights are portable and thus the remotest locations and top floors of buildings are now accessible when carrying out searches (Holgersson, 2006).

Consequently, the police when carrying out their operations also use in-car camera systems.  The in-car camera has become a tool that is highly valued since it ensures the officer’s professionalism remains high.  Recording of video footage of events from a patrol car has been proven invaluable in traffic stops, investigations, arrests, training, and internal affairs. The systems are often improving and becoming cost effective.  Installation of in-car cameras intends to document roadside tests of impaired driving sobriety. The cameras capture what is intended and what is not intended and have proven to be more valuable. The video recordings result in convictions since most of the video recordings are expedited in that they solve the client’s complaints and exonerate the officers from accusations in addition to serving as police training videos.  In some cases, the videos end up in some television programs or in websites like YouTube though illegally.  The best thing about the in-camera systems is that it speaks for the officers when they are not in a position to speak for themselves Gallant, 2006).

The photo enforcement systems are a police technology that is used today. The systems generate light violations that are red in color that improve safety in the motoring public. Although the first photo enforcement systems were endorsed a decade ago, they are still being used widely by the police force today.  They help in ensuring great engineering practices, community involvement, public education, and management of programs.

Graffiti cameras are used by the polis to take photos of the individuals who are vandalizing any property and get the police notified that there is vandalism going on. The cameras also include talking surve.............

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