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A Certain Lady

Love relationships tend to be emotionally sensitive and the failure to attend to a partners emotional needs leads to feelings of pain and rejection. Parker presents a woman who reflects on her relationships with a man that he is deeply in love with. She experiences immense emotional pain but puts on gay pretense in order to make the man believe that she really loves him. She “Marvels rapturous eyed” while he “rehearses his lists of love” (6, 13). The woman can be blamed for this state of affairs because of the fact that she fails to make the man understand her true feelings of pain. This is a common incidence especially with young and adventurous ladies who would go to great lengths to keep the man that they love regardless of the fact that the feelings between the two are not mutual. This is especially common with women who are desperate for love and would therefore endure all pain in order to keep the men to themselves. This theme has been explored by the media industry through time. Young women in most movies tend to be more susceptible to such scenarios than their older counterparts. In the long run, such mannerisms lead to abusive relationships that are counterproductive. The resultant emotional pain and suffering is however self deserving.

After a Great Pain

A painful experience is often characterized by different stages that Dickinson describes as “First chill—then Stupor—then the letting go” (Line 13). After a great pain that is usually experienced after the death of a close person, the formal feeling that follows this pertains to the funeral. Emotions that stem from the extreme painful feelings are always responsible for making us experience numbness. Dickinson’s process is essential for one to be able to get over the pain and regain normalcy. It is ingrained in a person’s psychological wellbeing and skipping one stage usually culminates in serious medical conditions. It can basically be likened to suppression of certain feelings as opposed to overcoming them. Emotional pain always makes one heart to feel as though it is dead. The death of a close person is particularly hurting. The pain that is experienced tends to be extreme but once the person goes through the entire procedure, painful feelings tend to cease and s/he returns to normalcy. However, in most cases, such incidences are seldom forgotten. The impact of this has been expressed by the author through line 12 “As Freezing Persons recollect the snow”. Basically, this implies that frequent remembrance of the dead persons also reminds the living of the similar experience that they would undergo during their lifetime.

Those Winter Sundays

Sunday is considered a day of rest and most persons always do that- rest. During my childhood, winter Sundays were particularly just suitable for sleeping. The author seems to capture the description of the situation well when he states “I would wake and hear the cold/ splintering, breaking” (Stanza 2). In this poem, the author presents to the audience an extra ordinary man whose Sundays were not always times of sleep. He wakes up before the rest of the household to address their comfort needs and ensure that they do not experience a similar difficulty as he did when he woke up. However, the entire family treats him with indifference; disregard and “chronic angers” are typical of the home environment. They fail to appreciate the great effort that the foster father makes. I wonder how many a times we fail to be appreciative of the little yet significant favors that various persons accord us. I understand at times it is human nature to disregard certain activities but the value system stipulates that it is virtuous to acknowledge the efforts that certain individuals make to enhance our comfort. Failure to do this often culminates in feelings of guilt that undermine the quality of life of our entire being.

The Ruined Maid

The current societal value system prescribes that humans uphold certain virtues that are aimed at enhancing good behavior. Although no human is perfect, it is important to emphasize on the need to do good and avoid evil. Despite this recognition, I love the way Hardy presents sin tin The Ruined Maid. He manages to portray the life of sin to be very attractive as compared to a sinless life. In this Audrey lives a grubby life in the countryside. By comparing her to Amelia who experiences great leisure and lives a life that is fun filled, hardy underscores the fact that virtuous behavior has a great price. This is exemplified when Amelia tells her sister “My dear—a raw country girl, such as you be/ Cannot quite expect that. You ain’t ruined”, said she”. It cannot be disputed that most individuals admire the material benefits that are associated with sin. However, attaining such a status involves compromising of important virtues and values that are intrinsic in nature. One s left to wonder whether Audrey would be compelled to take after Amelia and follow her footsteps. This is undoubtedly a personal decision that requires great thought and an objective analysis of the pros and cons that are likely to stem from the given decision.

My Father’s Song

The inherent attributes are typical of my father who worked desperately to ensure that we led a quality life. He was exceptionally talented and gifted in the sense that despite lacking credible education and training, he still made us proud by providing effectively for our material and emotional needs. He was indeed a role model, a mentor and a great inspiration that impacted positively on my life. His life can be likened to Wills “…Thin slice of life…” (Line 16). Have you ever wondered why the best persons in our lives tend to live short lives? I usually attribute this to the proverbial plucking of the best flower form the garden by God. Even in adulthood, it feels nostalgic to think about the great responsibilities that this man shouldered. Many a times I used to take for granted his presence and overall contribution to my life. Only after his demise did I realize that I miss his help and support. Of great importance however are the values he instilled in me since childhood. Undoubtedly, they are important in facing the current emergent challenges that I grapple with in my adult life. Will’s assertion “Gone Dreams” (Line 28) however brings me back to reality.

To His Coy Mistress

No other poet provides a distinctive explanation of the feelings that men expe.............

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