Poem Analysis of Hello it’s me.

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Poem Analysis of Hello it’s me.

Often a times the say goes, silence speak louder than words. These words hold water in this poem. The poem talks about two lovers who after a conflict separated one going to California. Years passed by but the memories of the good time they had together was clear in their memories. They thought that with time, they would forget each other but this was not the case. The longing, the loneliness, the separation, and the nightmares seems to be taking control of the victims. The structure of the poem is well organized. The poet commences by introducing and reminding the addressed of the past time. And to actually confirm that he is aware of the addressed, he points him or her to their good moment. The poem thus precisely touches on the addressed.

The writer employs various stylistic devices to emphasis his point among being repetition.  When reading this poem, we gloss over repeated lines and words for instance “Hello, can you hear me?”. Although different poets have used repetition differently to achieve diverse ends, this particular poem uses repetition to emphasize the effects of the long separation and the loneliness. Additionally, since this point is a song, repetition has been used to replace some formal components of the message, for instance rhyme and meter. The degree of repetition in this poem is great in that an entire stanza is repeated in chorus.

The other stylistic device used is reference or the.............

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