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the principles and concepts of research in the nursing field


In the course introduction to nursing, I will learn about the principles and concepts of research in the nursing field. Research in this field is very crucial as it helps in improving the quality of health care. Nursing research helps in managing patients with prolonged illnesses, educating the public on how to prevent themselves from preventable diseases and advising patient’s caretakers (Levitt & List, 2007).

Informed consent is a legal issue which should be approached with care. In my research, my role in obtaining informed consent will be to inquire of the patients’ history and getting to know of their choices. Informed consent should be given due consideration since it determines the kind of treatment the patient is going to receive (List, 2008). Patients therefore should not be regarded as just passive recipients of education but rather informed people who already have a clue of their preferred treatment.

As a researcher therefore, I will seek to know all.............

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