My native language

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My native language

My native language is Arabic. According to the statistics of 2007, globally, about 280 Million people speak Arabic. This constitutes 4.23% of the world population by then. It can be noted that the language has spread to other nations. Nowadays, even other nations do teach Arabic and have it in their curriculums. One factor that has resulted to rapid speared is that its Islamic language and wherever Islam is, they normally speak Arabic. The intermarriage, intercultural, and globalisation has also spread the Arabic language speakers to other nations and territories.

It is funny when other people from other nations speak Arabic.  The accent quickly notifies one that he is not Arabic and has just learned the language. What makes the difference is the pronouncing and the speed. International speakers know the sequence of words, and the logics of sentence formation but make pronunciation errors. At times, it is interesting listening to them. The accent no.............

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