Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

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From an early age, I have desired to join a world-class University. From different stories that I have heard from both family and friends, I must admit that New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) is such a great University. Also, since my years in high school, being an engineer has been one of my interest, and I have been committed to taking a course in the same field.  When a chance presented itself for me to join NYIT, it was like a dream-come-true.

I am Khalid, 28 years of age, and come my country of Origin is Saudi Arabia. I have been brought in a family of five, with my other two sisters and two brothers. I came to the USA to pursue my degree in 2012. I can say that my motivation and personal values mainly come from my family members and friends. I have also had the great drive to succeed and fulfill my dreams. Additionally, family and friends support to persevere in the academic sphere has helped me climb academic ladders.

My main inspiration to join New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) has been my keen interest in the field of electrical engineering. I consider pursuing this course from NYIT to be the greatest investment in my career life. I have also heard success stories from the University alumni making this university more attractive. Among the main reason, I prefer NYIT is the proper education setup portrayed in this institution. It is obvious that the University has an organized system that caters for all learners’ needs in the engineering field and other faculties. Not only does the NYIT offer a conducive environment for academic excellence, but it also combines with appropr.............

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