Memo to the CEO

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Memo to the CEO


From: Human Resources

Subject: Group Report

The purpose of this memo is to address the pros and some of the cons of this particular project acquisition. The memo will also address the recommendations of whether to purchase the project chain. Regarding the purchase of this chain of hotels in Italy, the biggest advantage of such a project is that, in case the Company purchases such a property, it would be aiming to expand its business franchise internationally. Expanding the business franchise internationally would mean that the Company gets more profits and is on the process of building its reputation globally. The Company is in need of revenue and profits hence expanding the business franchise would mean that the Company is aiming towards that aspect. The advantage of this particular project is that, it would be a long-term project. The Company can therefore rely on this project in years to come especially in profit generation.

However, being a new business franchise, it does not guarantee the Company to get immediate profits and effective business. The project would take time to generate maximum profits. This means that, this particular project would be a long-term project hence the Company cannot rely on it when it comes to short-term aspects. Alternatively, establishing this particular project would be costly to the Company because the Company would need to re-establish itself in the new markets. The Company might also have problems addressing the workers issues and generally settling in the new markets.

The project should be considered as a long-term project because of some of the above issues. Therefore, the Company would need more funds to settle into the new markets. This aspect would generally derail the Company in terms of revenues therefore; it would not be advisable for the Company now. The Company is in daring need of funds hence establishing a new project would be costly to the Company.

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