Meetings for Families of Alcoholics

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Meetings for Families of Alcoholics

I attended a meeting held for the families and friends of the alcoholic people, and it was held in the evening. I realized that this meeting had fewer members than the other meeting with more women in attendance than the men. They were alert that a stranger had joined them when I entered and that shook me a little. There were not so friendly and smiling faces and this got me to wonder whether this was the best way to admit and invite new members. To me, it was a little bit scary and unwelcoming. However, with a slight nod from the leader I located a bench and sat down to take note of the proceedings. I realized something peculiar at once. The meeting for the parents and friends was on how to cope with alcoholics. However, the leader was the one asking questions and directing them to specific people and people were not participating.

I was feeling a little frightened in this meeting because I did not feel as welcome and I felt frightened and apprehensive.

I observed my surroundings and I.............

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