Media Plan

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Media Plan

Amediaplanare documentedobjectives, tactics, strategyandresource allocation for a targetgroup. It is themedia mix andschedule that are used to get to thetargetaudience/ population(Baron, 12). Littlefinanceand knowhow on theaboveelementsalwaysmakereaching a targetgrouptricky. Our organization has alwaysservedthepurpose of creating convoluted plansaimed at ensuringa greatbusinessplatformfor Indian bikes in themarket. Staying in thebusinessforthe Indian’s has been an issue since the 1950’s, theirchiefcompetitioncreated by the Harley Davidson.

Marketing Plan


Thisplan will innovatively aim at peoplewho are utilized to theconventionalmedia, peopleborn after thewar, andbringbackthe Indian Cruisers to their level of dominance.


Our advertisementtargetmarkets, in order to advance, will include three marketoccasions. Such are Bicycle week in Daytona Shoreline, FL on thefirstweek of walk. There are alsothe Sturgis Bicycle Week in Sturgis, ND on thefirstweek of August, in Daytona Shoreline, FL on thethirdweek of October.

Company History

Indian Motorbike Assemblies is a producer of bikes based in Springfield, Massachusetts. Theyhavebeenthemainrival of Harley Davidson since 1903; it is thesecondmostseasoned bike mark in the U.S. in theprevioustimes, theywerethelargestproducer of bikes globally.

Media Target

Our organization, in thisagreement, will try to meetthefollowingobjectives;

  • To create a familiarityzone with the Indian Cruisers butkeep budgeting within the $18dollar funding
  • To createthe Indian Cruisers reemergence into business, with backing through thewholeyear of 2009
  • Focus on the forty to forty-five agedpeople with a paypack of sixty thousand dollars.
  • Keep up attention to theitem by arriving at X percent of the of thetargetmarket after presentation of thecommodity.
  • Use media that will successfullyimpartthedelight of owning an Indian cruiser

Media Strategy

Weaim to concentrate on magazinesandradio as an essential to create mindfulness forthetargetmarket.

Cooperate Analysis

Red Wing Motorbike

Thecooperatewasstarted by the Rock Legend, Steven Tyler. The Red Wing Motorbikes are currently sold at the Pritt-Harley Davidson and Berkeley-Harley Davidson franchises. With an overall decidedtarget to be ‘a newbrand to changethebusinesssector’, theystartedofferingbicycles in 2007. Theypromotethateachbicycle is handmarked by Steven Tyler, a factor that has turned them into a significantplayerthebusinessmarket. Theirtargetgroup is of a higheragebunch with highwages.

Buell Motorbikes

This is an American bike makerlocated in east Troy, Wisconsin. Itwasestablished by ex-Harley Davidson engineer, Erik Buell. In 1993, thecooperatebranded with Harley-Davidson andturnedentirely in a subsidiary/ possession of the Harley by 1998. The Buell Motorbikes are knownmorefortheirdashing bikes than theroad bikes. Theyhaveworkedsolely on the “Sportster” andother hustling or “groinrocket” stylebicycles since theyjoined with the HD. Theircenter, which is essentiallygamebicycles, make them match our auxiliarytargetgroup(Baron and Scissors, 25).

NSU Motorenwerke AG

This is a German organization that waspurchased out by the Volkswagen in 1969. The NSU group, arrived in the U.S at theirprime, whenthe HD washittinglow. From 1955 into the 70’s, theyheldtheposition of thebiggestmaker in the U.S., after which theyhave not had an impactoraccomplishment in the U.S. market. It is because of theemergence of stiffcompetition from other motorbike producers.

Target Market

Primary Target Audience

Indian Bikes has an outstandingly not thesamenumber of customers as itssignificantrival Harley Davidson because of itscostlyitembase. Indian shoppersare composed of white marriedmen of between theages of forty to fifty-five; they might be havingyoungfamiliesback at home. They might appear as thoughthey are a piece of Consistent American Centre; these are shopperswhoseannualnetsalary might not be less than sixty thousand dollars. In mostcases, theseshoppers are professionalexperts. Quite a numberwork in Corporate America is holding managerial position. Largely,they are not somuch outgoing.However, theydoadoreleisureandtravelactivities that are bothassociated with therichstatus.

Secondary Target Audience

Asecondmarket that has buyer potential has beendistinguisheddue to a widebase of Indian Bikes that engage a couple of bunches of differentmaleagebrackets. Itcomprises of white male of ages between thirty-five to forty, marriedorsingle, and may have an adolescenttroop.
Thoughthey might appear as ifthey are part of a piece of Standard Centre America, normally, these are menwhoseannualincome is not less than sixty thousand dollars.

Media Objectives

Mediaobjectives are usuallypart of a four staged standardmediaplan that includesstatingtheobjectives, establishing a budget, assessingthemediachoosingandimplementingthechoices(Bythe, 67-71). Thisplan has an objective of reaching out to thetargetgroup. Consideringthehighpopulation of America, The advertisement on the reemergence of the Indian Bikes will appear on four Television Programs in including ESPN(180, 190, 161). Others are the History Channel (173, 158, 170), Speed (162, 214, 163), and Travel (143, 105, 127).
Eachprogram has an averagerating of 20. Usingthe four programsresults in accumulation of 80gross points.Theircombinedreach is therefore 40%There are also a higherlikelihood/ chancesthatviewers of may alsoseeany of thereadingprograms. 400 people are moreinclined to be exposed to one ormoretelevisionprograms in a population that has 1000 television sets. GRPs for a programwherethe advert becomesvisible X thefrequencythe advert runs.
Using one schedule in all four programsforthecommercial can helpdeterminethefrequency of thead. 170homes watchonly one program, 110homes view 2programs, and 70 watch three programswhile 50 householdvieweveryprogram.Thenumber of programswatched by everyhouseholdadd up to 800. Hence400 households will be exposed to 800 commercials.
Theaboveprocedurealsoapplies to theradio. Thisis based on theassumptionthatthepeoplewatchingthetelevisionprograms will alsolisten to theradio. Theradio, however, have a broadenedbase. Forexample, All News(117)WCOA, Pensacola has 70,000potential listeners, and 30,000 hear a commercial, an average of 43%. In thisregard, Indian Cruisers will be able to realizeitsaim of bouncingback into thebusiness.
Continuity that entailsthe timing of themediaassertions, will createthefollowingtrend; 15%in October, 25%in November, 45%in December and 10% fortherest of theyear. Thereasonforsuch a highpercentage in December is becausemostpeople are on Holiday. Consideringthatthetargetbrand of audience of peopleaged between forty and forty-five will create a 60%sales derivative, theaim of thiscampaign is to raisethebrandexperience by 30%among them. Thecampaign will reach 1million in 12 marketsusing TV, radio, newspaperandmagazines as well as socialmedia.

Media Choices

TV Channels

To achieve our targetmarket, wehavedecided to makethemostuse of linksystemsandparticular TV dayadvertisements/ parts. It would promoteandexpandfamiliarity with the Indian Cruiser brand towards theend of theyear in creatinggroundsforthearrival of theitem into business in 2015 as per theplan. Thequantities of thedaypartsandthelinksystems will be recorded in thefollowing accompanying command: 45-54, 35-44, 55-64.
Themostconventional inside our target will be accompanyinglinksystemsand TV dayparts as illustrated below:

  • ESPN(180,190,161)
  • His.............

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