Marketing plan plays

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Marketing plan plays a critical role for establishing any form of business. With ineffective marketing strategy, the company’s hard work to acquire customers will turn out to be random and very inefficient. The core objectives of marketing plan must ensure that the product satisfies the demands of customers and maintains an outstanding relationship with those customers.  To achieve this, company will need to develop flexible techniques that rely to the adjustment in customer demand and perception.  Most importantly, the core objectives of marketing plan must be to appreciate whether the target market is please with the product and service that the company offers.


The purpose of this report is to assess the appropriateness of Hungry Jack’s breakfast menu for its target segment.  The report also offers a detailed analysis the 4p’s of the product.


This report  is divided into stages to cover main of the study, in stage one, it explores the history of the case study company, its main competitors, product category and opportunities and threats.  Second stage covers Hungry Jack’s market segmentation strategies and bases.  Stage three looks at the product, product life cycle and branding.  In stage four, the report examines the pricing strategies of the company. The distributions strategies are discussed in stage five and stage six explores the promotional strategies and mix that the company deploys. The report summarizes with a conclusion.


Hungry Jack’s is one of the best known brands in Australia. This marketing report shows how Hungry Jack’s strives to continually establish its brand through listening to its customers. The report also the different stages within the marketing process.  Branding establishes a personality for a service, product or organization. The brand image embodies how customers view the company. Branding effectively works if a company presents itself and behaves in a consistent manner.  Marketing communication techniques, such as promotions and advertisement are deployed to create images, designs, and colors that accords the brand its identifiable face. In all its segment markets, Hungry Ja.............

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