Marketing Mix: The Role of Promotion in Marketing

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Marketing Mix: The Role of Promotion in Marketing

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This paper is a critical analysis of Old Navy’s marketing mix. It will explore on the role of promotion in marketing. In a bid to respond to the dynamic business environment, the company has resorted to promotion using online video instead of television. This change is an attempt to influence the company promotion mix on the overall sales turnover under conditions.


In order that a business organization generates sales, the benefits of the products have to be communicated to potential customers in most appropriate way that would enable them to understand the products in details. In marketing, this is commonly known as promotion. Some other purposes of promotion are to build brand loyalty, to reminds and reassure costumers, and to launch a new product. In some instances, promotion is also done to defend market share by responding to competitors’ campaigns with the business’ own advertising. A business’ total marketing communications program is called the “promotional mix” (Belch and Belch, 2011). It consists of a blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relation stool sand direct marketing. The organization has to convey the message about the product on offer to its consumers. This helps in sustaining a perennial demand for the product and in suitably positioning it among the target audience.

The process of communicating the message is called promotion. It influences the purchase decision of the consumer. The different channels available to the organization for communicating the message constitute the promotion mix. It includes advertising, sales promotion, and public relations. In examining will Old navy’s online video advertising as the promotion mix, it will be prudent to critically analyze its strength and weakness and discuss the issues involved therein. Old Navy delves into the advantages of using the Internet as a selling medium. The aim of the promotional strategy is not just to bring existing and potential customers to a state of relative awareness of the organization’s product, but also to a state of adoption (Popovic, 2006). The promotional mix adopted (online video promotion strategy) has an aim that it will reach a stage at which it will be most effective. Advertising and publicity are suitable for all stages, but the decision to take the promotion online has its sets of advantages that could be specific to the product and the target market.

Online advertising has grown and matured for a long time. Online adverts take many forms such as pop ups, spyware, banners and online audios and audio-visuals. All these methods are adopted depending on the company’s products and target group. Old Navy resorted to using online video promotion as a marketing mix to reach its target market. Market segment for Old Navy targets fashion conscious teens and young adults of both sexes all over the world. By moving from television promotion to online video promotion, Old Navy aims at making a wide range of its products avail.............

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