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Identify a foreign country where you would like to be visiting should you be unfortunate enough to be arrested for a crime

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            Kenya would be my best choice of a foreign country where I would like to be visiting in case I am unfortunate enough to be arrested. The main reasons that have influenced my selection are because Kenyans speak English, which means I would not rely on a translator to respond to my case I case the police find me on the wrong side. Second, Kenya posses fewer foreign investigation incentives since they are only found in export processing zones (Harrison & Mathews, n.d). In addition, my selection is based on the stories have been watching on international news regarding various crimes committed in Kenya and how easily the Kenyan government goes about dealing with them. Moreover, Kenya is one of the high rated countries in terms of corruption, a clear indication that one is likely to get away with a crime by offering something to the authorizes. According to (2011), an average person in Kenya pays almost 16 bribes a month in order to achieve his or her dreams.

Kenya follows a system of justice similar to that of America involving search warrants. This system is under the part 3 of the criminal procedure code that permits a body investigating a crime to ar.............

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