Journal 2

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Journal 2

Journal 2
The purpose of this weeks topic is to introduce learners to scaling, especially he use of the likert scale. Scales are critical in research. Scaling is an instrument used to measure various variables in research such as attitude, perception, feelings, and responses among others. Basically scales serve to examine human judgment. The accuracy of the outcome one gets after measuring specific variables is a product of the scale used. The ability of scales in measuring human judgment makes it useful in scientific research. It is indispensable in collecting data. Likert scales are the best scales used to collect data on human judgment. According to Page-Bucci (2003) this scales are popularly used to measure people’s political and social perceptions. The scale draws its name from its creator Rensis Likert. It requires respondents to record their agreement with a statement on a five point scale, from strongly agree to strongly disagree. An example is:
( Page-Bucci , 2003)
The total score is computed buy summing up the response values. According to De Vaus, D. A. (2009) this scale is easy to.............

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