Introduction; the physical characteristics, academic orientation

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Introduction; the physical characteristics, academic orientation, occupation and lifespan show that women differ considerably from men.


Physical characteristics; they tend to be short and delicately built

Academic orientation; they are usually better at subjects that require use of language and memory

Occupation; traditionally, they assumed reproductive roles as well as domestic duties

Lifespan; Comparatively, they live five years longer than their male counterparts


Physical characteristics; they tend to be taller and are heavily built

Academic orientation; they perform better in spatial sciences and mathematics tests

Occupation; traditionally, they assumed productive and security roles although this has changed over time.

Lifespan; they live shorter lives than the women and experience high rates of mortality


Both men and women are humans who participate in biological reproduction and value social interaction


Besides being both humans, women differ from men in terms of physical characteristics, academic orientation, occupation and lifespan

Compare and Contrast Essay: Man versus Woman (Using subject by subject approach)


Nature is characterized by a high degree of diversity that gives different things a different identity from each other. In their given statuses the various things and objects perform different roles that contribute significantly to their individual wellbeing. They always reside in different environments that have supportive conditions that enhance their welfare.  It is certain that humans are central in creation and all the activities that occur in the world are perceived from their point of view. However, there are distinct differences between humanity and in particular between men and women. Although they are both humans, women have different physical characteristics, academic orientation, occupation and lifespan to the men.

With regard to physical characteristics, women are short, although in certain individual cases, they tend to be taller than the men. In addition, they are usually more delicately built and their hair growth is confined to the head and genitals. Academically, scientific research indicates that women tend to have an exemplary performance in subjects that require memory and verbal ability. These include languages and humanities such as history, geography, religious studies and social sciences. Regarding occupations, women were traditionally concerned with reproduction and providing care for the offspring.

In most cases, the activities that they engaged in included feeding and taking care of their children, cooking, cleaning and other domestic chores. However, research indicates that this has changed over time as women are increasingly involving themselves in economic production. Finally, statistics affirm that women experience a lower death rate and thus tend to live longer. This is due to the fact that they are seldom exposed to life threatening environments. In addition, most of the occupations that they take part in do not expose them to conditions that are likely to affect their health.

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