Introducing New Technology in Nursing

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Introducing New Technology in Nursing



Adoption of New Technology Systems

Introducing a new technology in an already functioning industrial system can be a breathtaking task, contrary to the common belief and assumption that a new technology barely means improvement in efficiency (Markgraf, 2013). Being a nurse responsible for the processes that involve introduction of a new electronic health record keeping system (EHRs), one must be really gifted in terms of change management, public relations,  and devising a working convincing framework (van Djik, 2004; Waddell, 2004). There is no short cut in this role: such a nurse must have all it takes, particularly as it regards the five qualities embedded in the Roger’s

(2003) theory, namely: relative advantage; the new technology’s compatibility with the old means; technology simplicity; its trialability; and capacity of the new technology to give out observable results. Definitely, as the leader nurse who is bestowed the role of seeing to it that the other workmates embrace the new EHRs technology; I would utilize the Rogers’ proposed qualities as my foundation (Waddell, 2004).

For the uniting role, the first quality, the relative advantage of the new technology, would be my first focus. Before approaching and addressing other employees about the benefits of the new technology, I would first of all study and comprehend the new technology (Markgraf, 2013) so that I derive a stiff convincing framework (Van Djik, 2004). In other words, the other members of the staff must be so much used to the old technology that insufficient knowledge about the new technology would not simply work (Waddell, 2004). I would thereafter prepare a “demo model” that actively shows how the new system will make the work easier. Such a demo would be, for example, a presentation of animated slides with clear cut comparisons of the workability of the new technology with that of the old way of doing things (Markgraf, 2013). Things like advantages and disadvantages tutorials must be in place; for example that the EHRs are more efficient in retrieving data of a particular patient than the would-be case with manual filing system. Similarly, with the new technology nurses will be in a better position to multitask and as well as have an   expert opinion in nursing cases exhibiting legal ,ethical ,and practice challenges, unlike with the old system (Van Djik, 2004).

In the meantime, the second Rogers quality would pops in, and here I would critically analyze and recognize first to what extent the new EHR system will perform the same work the old one performed (Rogers, 2003). A similar demo framework would be incorporated to explain that the new system would be used not to change the nature of activities but to simplify them. This would presumably make the audience readily understand the benefits of the new system and embrace them. Simultaneously, the third Rogers quality, simplicity, would be taken into account: Like before, I would first learn and master how to use the new technology before I can prepare its use means tutorial for the audience, the workers. This would help me.............

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