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Inspiration is the act of powering intellect and emotions of individuals. Inspiration also provides different opinions and ways of thinking. Inspiration stirs optimism and faith among individuals. It makes people believe the possibility of things happening. Inspiration can emanate from people or objects such as movies, books, environment, animals and many more.  It is important to note that inspiration has an enormous power but this power is exhaustible.

According to Heller, Steven, and Mirko Ilić (34), inspiration causes new ideas but unlike influence, these ideas change after a certain period. Inspiration causes creativity among individuals since individuals imitate their source of inspiration. Individuals feel connected to their inspirations and thereby do everything similar to their inspirational source. After a period of time individuals lose connection with their inspirational source and abandon these ideas.

Inspirations also cause temporary behavioral change within individuals. Individuals experience behavioral change depending on the person who inspires them.  This is because people copy the behaviors of the inspirational cause. Individuals set their behaviors according to their source of inspirations. These behavio.............

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