In the American society, the 1950 begins as period of great inequality in education and segregation in the schools in terms of

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In the American society, the 1950 begins as period of great inequality in education and segregation in the schools in terms of social class, race, gender and ethnicity. These differences were evident both within and across district lines. The African Americans launched a movement to guarantee equal treatment everywhere and had a major victory in 1954 when the Supreme Court ruled that the existing separate facilities in education for black children were not equal to those of the white children. Before this segregation was legal under the 1897 Plessey v Fergusson ruling which allowed the “separate but equal facilities.” This decision no longer formed the precedent after the ruling in Brown v Board of education of Topeka, KS (1954) which led to a series of legislations that were aimed towards desegregation of the public national schools so as to ensure equality in education among the white and black children.  The legislations that came up as a result of this decision made the teaching profession even more difficult. The violence and turmoil that followed this decision made the teacher a confused and haunted person in his professional.

Prior to this decision the black teacher would only teach in the school for black. The desegregation process then prompted the new thing that saw the black teachers to white schools. This was a very difficult situation. First and foremost the white children didn’t respect the black teacher due to the historical hatred that had existed.  It is logical that a when a student fails to respect the teacher then the so called teaching is a well as dead since this student can’t listen or learn anything from such a teacher. The second thing which was the fact the white students had been used to look down upon a black person and take them as inferior. This was the same way they treated the black teacher and for them the black teacher had no knowledge that he or she could impact on them. In other words the black teacher was not clever and couldn’t give any substance. This was indeed a very difficult situation for a teacher who had to make the students listen to him and understand. It was impossi.............

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