Impacts of Current Taxation on Imported Goods as Perceived by Small Business Owners

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The impact that taxation of imported goods has on the overall performance of a small business depends in some ways on the perceptions of the small business owners on the role of the taxations system. While a significant proportion of small business owners might be aware of the complexity of the taxation system from design to its intended outcomes, yet another proportion could be misguided on the impact of the system. Such an information background could alter the willingness of the system in dealing with business attitudes and willingness to pay other forms of taxes. Understanding the perception among small business owners on a number of perspectives can be used as a basis of enlightening the small business fraternity on the mechanism of the taxation system (Magutu, Marti and Wanjohi, 2010). This dissertation brief highlights the structure of the survey applied in enumerating the perceptions held by small business owners on the impact of taxation of imported goods.

  1. a) Purpose of the Dissertation

The purpose of this study is to highlight the extent of imports taxation impact as experienced by small business owners. Various taxation polices are implemented to achieve certain end outcomes on the economy while certain incidental impacts may arise thereby necessitating a constant review for the appropriate review interventions to be designed. Highlighting the impact of taxation on imported goods may fall on different market parties but a specific concern on the small business owners is highlighted in this dissertation.

  1. b) Research Questions

A number of research questions have been formulated in the study in order for the study to remain within the specified scope. Among the most definitive questions from whose answers the study can easily be approached include;

  1. What are the perceptions of small business owners on the current system of taxation on imported goods?
  2. What improvements can be incorporated in the current system of taxation on imported goods too make it perfect or near perfect for the small business owner?
  • What impact could be achieved if the taxman waivered all the tax collected from small business owners?
  1. What other form of taxation could instead enable the taxman to recover the revenue that small business owners remit on imported goods?
  2. c) Survey Objectives

The survey has certain general and specific objectives that the dissertation aims to accomplish through the survey.

  • General Objectives
  1. To establish whether taxation of imported goods has any bearing on the small business owners’ business decisions
  2. To determine if improvements can be made on the current system of taxation of small business owners imported goods
  • Specific Objectives
  1. To establish the attitude held by small business owners regarding the taxation of imported goods
  2. To examine the transferability and flexibility of revenue incomes by the government from various business points
  3. d) Survey Design

An interview by use of a questionnaire is appropriate medium of choice in highlighting the perceptions of the small business owners regarding the overall impact of taxation on imported goods. A questionnaire containing questions highlighting the specific areas of interest for the perceptions held among the respondents will be used. At least each of the objectives will be specifically mentioned under the main topics of the interview. The survey will be conducted on the telephone prior to consent of the respondent after availing the necessary information on the survey. To this end, the questions that will be formulated will be simplified and straight to the point for easy data collection and recording. This will ensure that the interview will be self-completed questions after obtaining information from the respondents on the outlined questions.

  1. e) Population Sample

For purposes of accuracy and simplicity of the analysis, a clearly homogeneous sample of small business owners will be sought for 20 respondents due to manageability needs. Random contacts of small business owners will be sought from the National Small Business Association (NSBA), a body that supports its members on a variety of issues facing their operations. The random selection will be made from the newly recruited.............

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