Impact of Nursing Homes on the Quality Of Life of White, Middle-Class Elderly Females

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Methods section refined

This study strives to investigate the effects of nursing homes on the quality of life of elderly, white ladies. The researchers will carry out guided interviews on the elderly, white ladies in nursing homes. The interview would have to correlate with the design so as to safeguard the standardization of the questions in an effort to identify the potential relationship between the healthcare offered in nursing homes and its effects on the elderly, white women. These questions will cover the experience of the ladies in the nursing homes since their admission to the nursing home to the present moment. It is worth noting that the conception or perception of an experience by a patient has a bearing on the effect that the entire stay in the nursing home has on him. This also touches on the experience that the elderly white ladies see witness as their peers or colleagues undergo in the institution. This is the scope that the research will cover.


Guided interviews will be used in this study, with data being captured through observation, note taking and recording of answers. The interview should not take more than 15 minutes as the elderly women may be uncomfortable with the long duration.

Questionnaire for the elderly white, women

What was the nature of reception that you received at the nursing home?

Did the institution offer a smooth transition from the life to which you were used to the life in the nursing home? How was the adjustment period and what were the strategies used to assist you in adjusting? For how long have you stayed in the nursing home?

How has your life changed since you were admitted into the nursing home?

What is the reaction of the caregivers when you ask for help on a certain thing? Are your needs attended to in time?

Do you feel that the caregivers are responsive to your needs?

How often do the caregivers check on you in the nursing home?

Is there constant supervision in the nursing home facility? How many people supervise the facility at any given time? Does the level of supervision extend to instances when you are out in the fields? What is the frequency with which specialists check on you?

Do the nursing home officials ensure that you have taken medication and check up on you regularly? Do you feel that the ailment or condition  from which you suffer has been correctly diagnosed? Is the food offered in the


Questionnaire for the Nursing Home staff

What changes can you point out in the life of the elderly, white women since their admission I this institution? What is the level of supervision offered to the elderly, white women?

What strategies do you use to enhance the quality of life of these women?

Is there a standardized way of treating the women or are the treatments customized to suit the preferences of the elderly women? If they are customized, what is the extent of customization?

Questionnaire for the family members

What changes would you identify in the health and wellbeing of your relative since she was admitted in the nursing home? Are they negative or positive? Which complaints have you had with the institution? Were the complaints handled in an assuring and speedy manner?

PowerPoint presentation

  1. Introduction to the study

Nursing homes have become extremely popular in the recent times. Many elderly, middle-class women have benefited immensely from admission to nursing homes.

However, there have also been complaints as to the treatment that the women receive in these nursing homes.  These include complaints on mistreatment, negligence, emotional and physical abuse, as well as poor services. This is the foundation on which this study is built.

It aims at uncovering the truth pertaining to the administration of nursing homes and its effects on elderly, white women in middle class.

Most importantly, the study ex.............

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