Impact of Globalization on Southern Africa Countries 1

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Primary Data Collection

Based on the pertinent globalization influences on various aspects of life conditions in the Southern Africa region, the following questionnaire was designed to assist in gathering primary data through an electronic circulation mode adopting self-completion. Electronic communication with a sample of 100 resident Angolans was employed in the collection of the data used in the study.

The Questionnaire

Q1. Impact of Globalization on Political Conditions in Angola

  1. On a scale of four, what is the impact of globalization on the political conditions in Angola under the specified contexts? (Rate appropriately where 1 is least impact and 4 is most impact)
  2. What is the impact of involvement of Angola in regional and international political affairs to meeting national interests?
  3. What is the magnitude of international watch and pressure on Angola’s political processes?
  • What is the amount of international contribution towards development of Angola’s political institutions?
  1. What is the rating of global political influence on Angola’s political structures?
  2. What is the predictable measure of influence on Angola’s future politics by global developments?
  3. State a yes or no answer to the following globalization questions regarding Angolan political scene.
  4. Is Angola a puppet of international political manipulation?
  5. Angola’s political developments are more African than Western?
  • Is political progress and democracy in Angola at par with Western counterparts?
  1. If no, is there hope for recovery within the near future?
  2. Is Angolan government implementing some international agreements?
  3. What is the general remark about influence of globalization on Angolan political status? (Positive, negative or neutral)

Q2. Impact of Globalization on Angolan Agriculture

  1. State what you think of the agricultural sector in Angola with respect to the following concerns.
  2. Do you think the Angolan agricultural sector has learnt from international best practices?
  3. Do you think Angola’s food security is stable on international standards?
  • If not, is it possible for Angola to have sufficient food reserves in the near future?
  1. Do you think livestock rearing and research in Angola has benefited from global practices?
  2. Is Angola ahead of the rest of Africa in agriculture?
  3. Do you think Angola’s agriculture suffers from global environment degrading activities?
  • If yes, are local activities to blame to some extent to the state of failure in agriculture?
  • Is there a match of government policy input on agricultural activities in Angola compared to best agricultural countries in the world?
  1. Does international competition for agricultural products hurt the industry?
  2. Will agriculture continue to be the backbone of the Angolan economy with respect to developments on global arena?
  3. Rate the impact of Angola’s agricultural developments with respect to global trends under the following contextual settings (1 is the least impact while 4 is the most)
  4. What is the strength of international agricultural research institutes to agricultural developments in Angola?
  5. To what extent do food prices at the international market influence the Angolan agricultural revenues?
  • How far do the costs of agricultural inputs for instance fertilizers and seeds at the global market determine productivity of Angolan agricultural sector?
  1. How dependent on foreign assistance are local farmers in terms of getting technical assistance and research?
  2. How dependent are Angolan farmers on the global food market for their agricultural products?
  3. How dependent are export prices on global forces thereby dictating returns to the Angolan agricultural sector?
  • How dependent are import prices on global forces thereby dictating expenditure on the Angolan agricultural sector?
  • How strong are global forces on food prices inside Angolan boundaries, whether imported or exported?
  1. How strong are international agricultural market forces in dictating to Angolan farmers what type of crops or animals to deal with?
  2. What magnitude of damage would happen on the Angolan agriculture if globalization effects were withdrawn in a night?
  3. On a reasonable account, is the agricultural sector better, worse or neutral in terms of effects of globalization impact on the agricultural sector in Angola?

Q3. Impact of Globalization on Angolan Education

  1. Rate the Angolan education system within the bigger picture of impact of globalization under the following contexts (1 is least value while 4 is the highest value)
  2. What influence do global education trends and standards have on the current Angolan education status?
  3. What could be the rating of the quality of Angolan education if globalization had not taken its course?
  • Indicate the measure of quality that the Angolan education system imparts on its graduates.
  1. What is the value of future need to introduce globalization into the education system in Angola?
  2. How far are the various levels of education experiencing globalization?
  3. Primary level
  4. Secondary level
  5. Tertiary level
  6. What is your take on Angolan education policies in terms of the following?
  7. Are the African studies being given enough content in the current Angolan syllabuses?
  8. Are national issues such as history, civics and culture represented on the current education subjects in Angola?
  • Do you think continued globalization impact in education will help raise the quality of education in Angola in future?
  1. Are Angolan graduates participating in international affairs like their African counterparts?
  2. Are globally set literacy standards re.............

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