IKEA’s corporate communication strategy and activities

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Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Company Overview.. 3

Reputation. 3

Corporate Communication Function. 4

Media Relations and Investor relations. 4

Public relations. 5

Employee communication. 5

Conclusion and Recommendations. 5

References. 7


Swedish furniture-maker IKEA is a value-based service firm that has earned standing for its standardised approach to corporate communication strategy in Sweden and Abroad (Gronvius et al. 2009, p.1). What is, however, striking is that despite its less aggressive focus on corporate communication, it has managed to convey consistent messages to its constituencies. This paper explores the company’s reputation and where it stands in terms of its image and reputation among its constituencies. Also examined include analysis of the Corporate Communication activities at IKEA. Recommendations on how the company can improve its corporate communication strategy are also suggested.

Company Overview

IKEA is a Sweden-based home furnishing retailer that operates in 39 countries across the world. Established in 1943, the company pioneered in the manufacture and sale of reasonably priced ‘pack design furniture’ and is currently recognised as a global leader in furniture retailing. Having started operating internationally in 1973, the company has always followed the traditional pattern of expanding to markets and countries with similar cultures and languages, before entry into exotic markets.


IKEA’s objective of the company is to create innovative designs in the fields of interior design and architecture. The company has also recently started to donate for charitable courses. IKEA has gained a reputation for its standardisation approach to marketing and communication in each market it enters (Beruly.com, 2010). It has also earned repute for environmental stewardship, in addition to its electronic communication strategies (Burt et al. 2008, p.3). To this end, the company is reputed for its communication strategies, specifically, its efforts to customise its corporate website in the 39 countries it operates. For instance, it has received several nominations for several world business communication awards.

Corporate Communication Function

The overall objective of its communication strategy is to build the company’s brand and to inspire sales. This is promoted through media relations, investor relations, public relations and employee communication. All communication functions are managed by its company’s communication arm called IKEA Communications that is situated in Älmhult, Sweden (Beruly.com, 2010).

Media Relations and Investor relations

IKEA Communications uses corporate communication department, creates and distributes press releases, newsletters, brochures and company’s financial reports to communicate to customers and investors. It also plans new conferences and arranges for banners for display in events. It also monitors what the public and customers say about the company in newspapers or online and respond to it through its website. The company uses catalogues to communicate to retailers (IKEA, 2014). Despite incredible recognition for its electronic communications strategies, IKEA still prints Catalogues each successive year that communicate new products and prices. The catalogues are also the company’s most popular communication channel. Other significant channels include advertising and PR, brochures and publications. The company also uses a website, called ikea.com, which is customised in the 39 countries. IKEA also uses a YouTube channel that features videos of the company’s products (IKEA, 2014).

Public relations

IKEA’s corporate communicators create and distribute brochures, newsletters and catalogues to the general public. They also manage the company’s website content and Facebook account. .............

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