IKEA Marketing

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Company overview

IKEA, has operations in upwards of 41 nations with 29 exchanging administration office in 25 nations alongside 27 Distribution Centers in addition to 11 Customer Distribution Centers in 16 nations since 1997, Ikea has more than 300 Stores in 35 nations and it has further plans to stretch in Russia and China and to start in UAE (Madichie, 2011). Inspire of IKEA brand growing over the world and Sales development expanding the ascent has been moderate considering the sparing slum over the world since 2009 and still anticipated that will be around for monetary year 2010-2011.

Date it Entered UAE

It is clear that IKEA organization come to the UAE in 2002 and was supported by the government under the ministry of foreign affairs.


Thus, they are the key sponsors of the organization in UAE. In addition, the Mother Branch of IKEA that is in Sweden is also the main sponsor if it.

Product Line

The company’s product line is composed of all furniture as well as household products.

Target Market

The target market for the products of IKEA is households as well as office organization.  In most cases the company entry target market is government and business offices.

Primary Research

IKEA has been using research as a tool for analysis as well as decision making platform.  It has been getting information for business decision making as well as for stakeholders’ analysis from primary means as well as using primary sources. The data from primary sources were always obtained from surveys, questionnaires as well as interview with experts or professionals both from the government as well as those from the industry. In addition, the company also use primary sources as a business intelligence systems.

Secondary Research

The company has been using secondary research to be able to get information about the market as well as other business intelligence information. The information that the company has been using as secondary research is books, reports, and newspapers concerning the target market. It the company has been working hand in hand with other institutions such as the government to gain access to such information for the better good of the organization. The company has been relying heavily on the reports from the government as well as those from the competitors to gain insight of crucial business information.
Current marketing Situation

IKEA offered worth for cash to their clients and this hold their clients returning for all the more likewise bringing about an increment in its client base. The organization produce furniture on an extensive scale consequently they found themselves able to exploit economies of scale and thus, decrease expense to their clients. Product separation permitted IKEA to be a pioneer in the furniture market and to infiltrate new markets all inclusive. IKEA’s store network administration guaranteed that the products compass to the clients as and when they require it, IKEA utilize without a moment to spare to expand the impacts of its inventory network administration. IKEA realizes that not having their products available when and where the client needs can just upgrade and fortify its position in the business sector and this turn out to be a quality which give IKEA advantage in the furniture business. To reach its destinations and objectives IKEA by satisfying the needs of its client was additionally ready to develop and extend its market base and supply to take care of its demand. The organization through key usage had the capacity augment its deals through client administration and fulfillment, giving clients esteem for cash (Epps & Demangeot, 2013).

IKEA brand through the years have ended up being a brand of value and standard, this brand have constructed a name and a notoriety trusted and regarded by its client base this was a center competency of IKEA, its quality and administration incredibleness. As a consequence of this IKEA was capable be the furniture organization in 1999 organization positioning. IKEA through its esteem tie keep on increasing the value of its product and pass on this worth to clients without expanding the cost of its products and this kind of administration which was in charge of clients being devoted to IKEA and its image and this was a significant quality of IKEA. Through it mark IKEA was additionally ready to enter new markets and further bolstering increase good fortune in these businesses. Indeed with development of the organization into others the kept on maintaining and even raise its quality and norms to the becoming interest of its clients.
Marketing description

IKEA targets youthful and popular individuals as its principle shoppers; specifically those affection advanced furniture and extras. In this way, its products are more beautiful and novel. Likewise, IKE fixes the products’ costs at a lower level, which is truly drawing in for the normal customers, for example, white-collars. IKEA, is working in one quit shopping, in which, clients can purchase most enhancements and accessories they need in one store. On the other hand, the company has expert groups to help clients outlining and adorning in their own styles. The point of this administration is to give accommodation to clients who don’t have much time to manage adornment. In correlation, IKEA’s targets are chiefly youngsters who love inventive things, it’s additionally concentrates on one quit shopping with individuals who have very little extra time as its significant purchasers. Moreover, the IKEA products are generally indicated as models, which are altered and restricted. In any case, clients have the capacity purchase crude materials from IKEA and make any product (Epps & Demangeot, 2013).

Marketing opportunities

Opportunity displayed itself for IKEA through its worldwide points of view; IKEA entered new and undiscovered markets and altered its products to fulfill the requests of its market. IKEA likewise actualized new methods by slowly going worldwide in the North American, Asian and Eastern European markets. IKEA expanded, institutionalized its image and represented considerable authority in thump down furniture fabricate. IKEA additionally centered its showcasing system on catching the more youthful target bunch. This would incorporate understudies living at residences, single persons, and single parents and recently wedded without kids (Chen & Huang, 2012).
Marketing Mix


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