If you want to be a good HR manager, you have to understand the business first

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June/9/2014 : Instructor
i. If you want to be a good HR manager, you have to understand the business first.  This gives you a chance to be able to communicate and integrate well with the employee for effective management.
ii. The successful HR manager is business focused and emphasizes people success. By ensuring the employee welfare is adhered to and the employee have the best skills and knowledge to handle their role.
iii. Every successful leader and manager has an HR responsibility. This is true because his/her key responsibility is to ensure that he/she manages people very well.
June/11/2014: Instructor
i. Create an environment does make people effective and engaged. This is to ensure that all the employee work in place that suits them and are happy to work there.
ii. HR is not limited to managers every manager and leader has an HR responsibility.  It is also not limited to leaders but also to individual employee. All employee should be an eye keeper to the other.
iii. Most successful companies who care about their employees. People take care of will be better. In addition, the entire employee should care for each other and improve their collaborations.
iv. Need to know how to listen because it’s important when you work with another cultures. It is vital to be a good listener to gather necessary information that can push forward business or organization.

June/18/2014  TEAM 2: Instructor
i. HR field can work with every business major. Since all the organizations need people to work, HR field is mandatory.
ii. HR professional needs to know the business, so that he could be able to determine the success factor of the organization since Labor is a key aspect in business.
iii. HR now focusing more in developing value of the company, because without human resource there is not organization functioning.
iv. HR now focusing in the whole community, it goes back to the community in the form of corporate relationships.
B.  HR goes in for stage
1- Administrative duties; This is the supervisory role of the HR. The HR manager is the mandated to handle this position among other senior executives.
2- Training, rewards; this part of HR deals with remuneration of employee as well as motivation of the them.

3- Integration; this part of HR deals with bringing people together to ensure that there is effective working among employees.
4- Now-realize external business conditions; this last part of HR is to ensure that the employee working according to the market standards such as market pay and terms of service.

June/23/ 2014   TEAM 8 : Instructor
Conditions needed for successful change:
1- Leading. It is important to leadership is employed when initiating change process in organizations.
2- Creating a felt need: ensuring the need is felt is a very important aspect of the change process.
3- Build commitment for key people: It is worth to ensure that the key people in an organization are committed towards the success of the firm or business.
– Crating different capabilities on strategy to ensure that the main strategies are implemented.

Best systems have right skills and abilities for goals; the systems should ensure that they help organizations to make changes. Performance and rewards; organizations should ensure that they reward their employee well.  Incentives to motivate, clear strong leadership brand and etc..
June/25/2014  TEAM 01: Instructor
Why does effective HRM matter? It matters because it deals with management of human welfare. Management of people has been seen to affect the economic performance hence the impact is on the Gross Domestic Product.
-Management should reward individuals based on their work; all the people that have outstanding result should be rewarded and those with negative results should be punished. The important of positive HRM is quite significant when the management is at its peak to ensure quality results.
June/30/2014  TEAM 10
Two responses that can be given in order to solve work issues:
1- Engineering controls (modifying the work environment); changing the business environment is a key step towards adjusting how the management can be improved hence important management process.
2- Management controls ( safety rules, selecting the employees and supervising their training, feedback and rewards); it is important to ensure that all the employee adhere to management control especially training.
Workers need to be made aware of the safety rules and they need to follow them accordingly in order to reduce risks in the workplace from taking place.
Age and length of service are the two most important aspects of an employees capability. However,  the quality of service that an employee offers depends on the skills and knowledge gained.
New employee = High risk. Not all new employees are aligned to high risks since some are more qualified than older employees are.

Monday 7/07/2014: Instructor
Social and emotional intelligence: This is a key aspect that organization should ensure that it meets. It is the due responsibility of the HR manager and the advice of a social worker.  The rest of us?
1-Stress: this is one of the conditions that causes poor production amid organizations around the world. Employee faced with stress are not able to undertake their chores well.
2-conflict: organization that faces unmanaged conflict have limited production and related to low employee retention rates.
3-communications: this is a vital tool for an organization success.  Any bridge in the issue may cause serious management problems.
4-Demands: the demand or pressure from customers and stakeholders affect running of the HR management.  However it could have both positive and negative effects.
5-Relationships: proper relationships among senior officials and other employees in an organization is a very vital steps towards success.
6- Performance: employee performance greatly affects the entire performance of an organization.

What is social and emotional intelligence?
A working definition — Social and emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment and use the info to manage our relationships and ourselves.
1. Accurate self-assessment – knowing one’s strengths and development needs. The accuracy of the information is important in personal evaluation.
2. Emotional awareness – recognizing one’s emotions and their affects; this helps in evaluating social capacity of an individual.
3- Personal Power – must be measured to ensure the type of power than a person has. For example, high scale of personal power is associated to good leaders.

Self-Management – 10 competencies
1-Behavioral Self Control – it’s pretty important and powerful. In dealing of affecting and dealing with others.
2- Integrity – Has to do with honesty, doing the right thing in all time. Ethics. You can’t build trust without integrity.
3- Innovation & Creativity —  has to do with abstract skills in developing or creating things that can help the management.
4- Initiative & .............

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