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IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises is doing a major upgrade for the new web-based version of the system, in addition to the mainframe legacy system update. The project has a budget of $ 100000. The tasks of end user/tester, business analyst and team leader will be assigned according to the candidates experience and the cost of hiring them being within the budget set.

End User/ Tester

The main responsibility of a tester include testing the programming code created by the developer and detecting potential defects and problems that they user may encounter. This is done by constantly evaluating and assessing the software. He/she has to come up with the process for testing the program from the development stage to the end. At the end of the testing process, the tester will present his findings to the relevant people such as the business analyst and the client.

The skills needed for this role is good communication skills so as to give information to the developers and the end result. He/she should have an education background in software development or engineering in order to carry out the job requirements. In addition, they should be able to work in a team and hence require skills such as problem solving skills. Having previous experience in testing is also an added advantage for the candidate.

The best candidate for this task is Chris. He has just completed his undergraduate degree in computer science and hence meets the educational requirements. Since he was a customer service representative, it is assumed that he has good communication skills that are necessary for the job. He also has experience with web programming and software testing techniques that are critical to this role and is also within the project’s budget of $ 100 per hour as he is willing to take $ 80. The main reason as to why Chris is the best candidate is due to his autonomy from the program as he is new to the department and will therefore be able to look at the product more objectively.

Business Analyst

The role of the business analyst is to interpret business processes, propose solutions and help design them together with the experts such as the software developers (Gentle, 2007). The main responsibilities of the role are to look at the business processes and identify problems and opportunities for the company (Gentle, 2007).  He/she then takes the information and analyzes it and comes up with solutions that will benefit the company. He makes sure the product meets the specifications of the customer.

The requirements of the role are good communication and presentation skills essential when dealing with the software developer and the client. He should be a team player as he has to work with the different groups of people in the company. He should be able to analyze the problems identified and come up with the solution hence must have analyzing and problem solving skills. In addition he should have a business education background and experience in a company dealing with software development.

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