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In organizations, there are set processes, policies and customs that determine their direction and development. This includes both internal, external relationships of the organization and objectives for which it is governed. In the contemporary business setting, the main external relations would be with, shareholders, creditors, suppliers, communities.  Internal relations would include board of governors, directors, executives and employees.

Global communication trends have created an impact on corporate governance and the vital theme surrounding it is the extent of accountability of the individuals in an organization. Therefore, a combination of communication management and corporate governance it is important for organizations to facilitate information on decision making process to the stakeholders as well as communicating correct signals to the public. According to United Nations Global impact (2004), If companies want to emerge with overall management quality required for success and competitiveness then it needs to put emphasis on environmental, social, and corporate governance in this world that is globalized, interconnected and competetive.

It is important for an organization to communicate to the stakeholders coherent and credible information. Corporate communication therefore is the centerpiece that holds an organization together. It is the communication structure that connects stakeholders in an organization. Riel & Fombrun (2007) say that  it consist of relaying of information by different specialists and general people in an organization with a unifird goal of improving the organization’s self sustainance. Communications in an organization is important for the effective performance of the management and human resource by empowering the staff with information and motivation to undertake their roles. Communication also provides a unified frame of reference in an organization especially when appropriate messages are closely alignined with workers environment. Communication then creates and supports organization’s culture.

Mission statements

This is a formal statement written to guide the operations of an organization. It outlines an organization’s overall goal and gives a sense of direction. According to Radtke (1998), for a mission statement to be effective, it must resonate with the organization’s stakeholders as well as the organization’s partners. It must inspire commitment, innovation and courage by representing the purpose of the organization. The mission statement need to address three questions, the aim of the organization, what the organization does and the organization’s values.

Public Relations

Public relations is key in providing an organization exposure to their target audiences by disseminating information of public interest and news items that are not paid for through a third-party endorsement (Seitel, 2007). Many organizations are involved in public relations activites such as confferences, media activities, crisis communications among others. This communication tool is essential in building rapport with customers, investors, employees as well as the public. Many organizations employ some level of public relations to improve on their public image.

With the advent of the internet, the world has become a “global village,” and information distribution is changing fast. Information is updated by the minute and people access it any time (Hiebert, 2004). Organizations today conduct most of their businesses over the internet and use it to communicate effectively in order to meet their goals. Social networking web sites have become normal communication media just like the traditional telephone. Evans, Twomey, & Talan (2011), interviewed executive level public relation managers to study  social media as a communication tool.Their findings suggest that social networks and  blogs are valuable tools in public relation campaigns. Singling out Twitter as the  prefered   communiction media not available in other media.

Media relations

This is the relationship between an organization with journalists. Ways of organization’s  working with the media are: writing a news release to media houses, writing public service announcements, letters to the editor, writing an opinion or editorial piece, writing a guest column and dealing with television or radio interviews.

Employee relations

Employees participation in management decisions, communication is critical for improving cooperation, control grievances and minimize conflict in an organization. Communicate policies and procedures to employees. Organizations establish procedures to communicate policies to employees. Employees are required to have human resource handbooks outlining the employment procedures. In the United States, organizations are required to clearly post notices outlining state and federal regulations, equal employment opportunity, compensations insuarance minimum wage, whistle blower Act, workin.............

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