I believe in justice

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I believe in justice

Justice involves moral rightness. It built its aspects on rationality, ethics, law and natural law, religion, fairness, and equity. Justice takes into account the administration of the law, consideration of the rights of citizens and all human beings, and civil rights ensuring equal protection of such right before the law. Justice hardly entails discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, disability, or age among other human traits. A good society or institution is constructed through just practices as portrayed in this essay. I believe in justice since people will only be equal before the law with the employment of justice in all institutions.

Justice is a virtue that is given the first priority in social institutions. In social institutions, people expect justice in the way they are treated. Lack of justice in the operation of various institutions and government sectors results to social problems. Other virtues may be incorporated where justice is necessary including benevolence, prudence, charity, mercy, compassion, and generosity but all these work well without justice. Incorporating justice in all institutional activities, involve utilization of various virtues. Justice thus seems to incorporate all aspects of good virtues in human practices and interaction with other people. It brings out the quality of righteousness, moral rightness, and equitableness.

Without justice, the law would not play a significant role in correcting the society through the provision of punishment. The lack of justice leads to vices in the practice of law. An unjust judge can make a judgment in f.............

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