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Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

Objectives. 2

Strategies. 2

4Vs Model of Operation and 5 Performance Objectives. 3

The 4 V’s Overview.. 3

The Volume Dimension. 4

The Variety Dimension. 4

The Variation Dimension. 4

5 Performance Objectives. 5

Challenges. 5

Conclusion. 6

References. 7


Lulu Hypermarkets has a place with EMKE Group which is a main consortium in Dubai. There are 78 hypermarkets of the gathering that are working inside the GCC – Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (Bahrain, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE). The hypermarket rivalry in Oman is made out of: Lulu Hypermarkets with the French organization Carrefour Hypermarkets, the Kuwait-based Sultan Center Hypermarkets, Oman-based Safeer Hypermarkets, the Dubai-based KM Trading Hypermarkets, and the new participant from Dubai Al Maya Hypermarkets (Green, 2004).

Lulu is working at present four (three in Muscat, one in Sohar) hypermarket retail outlets (in the metropolitan ranges) and eight hypermarket retail outlets (in residential areas and heartland territories) in Oman and will be opening its fifth hypermarket in Salalah the third biggest city in Oman after Muscat and Sohar.. Therefore, this paper will discuss the challenges and strategies faced by Lulu hypermarket in Dubai.


  1. To determine how hypermarkets in Dubai Operate with the use of Lulu hypermarket as the case example
  2. To Evaluate the strategies that Hypermarket employ as well as the challenges they face


Hypermarket organizations spend huge amounts of cash every year in advertising methodologies attempting to make sense of how to get customers to purchase more. Utilizing behavioral, social and monetary brain research, they find approaches to lure additional buys – and you might never even think about it (Green, 2004). Focus whenever you set out for some shopping, and look out for these store promoting procedures not to fall for.

  1. Textured, Rubber Mats – Have you perceived that in a few segments of the market (like the produce area), there are weird elastic tangles on the ground that are hard to push your shopping basket over? These mats are there to back you off – on the grounds that when you shop at a slower pace, you purchase more stuff. Keep your carriage on the tile floor as opposed to trudging over the mat to beat the trap.
  2. Free Samples – Most people feel uncomfortable taking something without giving something consequently, and the markets know this. At the point when the decent little women hands you tests of caffeinated beverages, protein bars or veggie chips – you may be slanted to make an extra buy to even things out (Pritchard, Gracy & Godwin, 2010). Pay consideration on this drive and just purchase the thing in the event that it truly excited you.
  3. Giant Shopping Carts – Does it appear like basic supply trucks are getting greater? They are. Stores realize that you regularly utilize the span of the truck as a meter for the amount to purchase. How regularly have you thought, the truck is full – time to go! As opposed to succumbing to this showcasing methodology, stick to a rundown or utilize a littler wicker container that you need to convey.
  4. Farmers Market Chalkboards – Look nearly at that “transcribed” blackboard sign in the produce segment. It appears like a rancher may have scribbled the sticker amid the morning conveyance – and this individual association may urge you to purchase. In actuality, the blackboard signs are mass-created some place far away (Pritchard, Gracy & Godwin, 2010). Try not to let the ranchers business sector like bid wiggle your feelings and slacken your wallet.
  5. Slow Music – Dreamy, listless music places you in a decent disposition and makes you walk slower. The more you wait in the market, the more things you will buy. Battle the moderate pace by wearing earphones and listening to your most loved peppy tracks, which will motivate you to move speedier rather than slower.
  6. End Caps – It’s hard not to notice the huge, uproarious shows on the end of every passageway. You likely expect these things are on special or new or overall astonishing to score such prime land. However end top things are really regularly estimated up due to their consideration snatching position (Reardon, Timmer & Minten, 2010).
  7. Lines at Check Stands – Does there dependably appear to be a line at the checker at your supermarket? It isn’t poor booking, yet by outline. Stores realize that the more you hang out close to the overrated confection, gum, beverages and magazines – the more probable you are to purchase something. Fight the temptation.

4Vs Model of Operation and 5 Performance Objectives

Operations Management is basically how organizations produce merchandise and services. From the work area you may sit at, to the espresso beans used to make your espresso to the instruments you use for exchange or on weekends or the auto you drive about town, these come to you from the Operations Managers who arrange their generation.

Services are additionally created, the knee operation you have to have, the protection claim you need settling, the handyman you have to organize to alter your lavatory release, these originate from operations managers (Reardon, Timmer & Minten, 2010).

Contingent upon the business there are distinctive names for Operations Managers which may help you distinguish these in your own particular business. Case in point in a circulation organization they may be known as the ‘Armada Manager’ in a healing center environment, a ‘Managerial Manager’ and a ‘Store Manager’ in a retail situation.

The Operations capacity is fundamental to the association as the products and services it creates is the explanation behind the business existing. The Operations capacity is one of three key capacities inside a business. The other center capacities are Marketing, including Sales and Product and Service Development.

The 4 V’s Overview

All operations procedures have one thing in like manner, they all take their “inputs” like, crude materials, information, capital, hardware and time and change them into yields (merchandise and services). They do this is distinctive ways and the principle four are known as the Four V’s, Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility (Sutherland, Kaley & Fischer, 2010).

The Volume Dimension

An awesome illustration of this is McDonalds, they are a remarkable sample of high volume ease burger and fast food creation. The volume of their operation is critical to how their business is sorted out. Fundamental to their operation is the repeatability of the errands their workers are doing and in addition the systemisation of the work, where models and strategies drive the route in which every piece of the occupation is done. This blend gives an ease base. Conversely, a nearby bistro has a much lower volume of yield, less work, less systemization, and every staff part finishes a more extensive mixed bag of errands, which brings about higher unit costs.


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