Hydrogen Fuel

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Amendola, Steven C., Stefanie L. Sharp-Goldman, M. Saleem Janjua, Nicole C. Spencer, Michael T. Kelly, Phillip J. Petillo, and Michael Binder. “A safe, portable, hydrogen gas generator using aqueous borohydride solution and Ru catalyst.” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 25.10 (2000): 969-975. Print.


Technology is shifting from usage of fossil fuel to hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel is a simple and clean technology that requires tapping of stored energy in the hydrogen molecule. Generating the hydrogen fuel require catalyst and stabilizer of sodium borohydride. The hydrogen generator requires Ru catalyst for efficient and continuous generation hydrogen energy. The article is useful in improving the technology of generating of hydrogen fuel from a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. The article has relation with other bibliography articles and book through generation of safe and efficient energy from the hydrogen molecule. The information is reliable since it is a research paper that has many renowned authors from learning institutions. The article fits the research through conduction of extensive studies on the hydrogen generator. The hydrogen generator is essential for massive production of energy that can fuel internal combustion engines and fuel cell power systems.


Hoffmann, Peter. Tomorrow’s energy: hydrogen, fuel cells, and the prospects for a cleaner planet. Massachusetts: MIT press, 2012. Print.

The book gives reasons for the use of hydrogen gas and the discovery of hydrogen fuel. The main argument on the book is on the experimental procedures that take place in the production of hydrogen fuel. In addition, Peter Hoffmann describes the application of hydrogen fuel in the environment. The article is useful since it starts by describing the discovery of hydrogen and the discovery of energy stored in the hydrogen molecule. The book compares with other sources in the bibliography through the need of technological advancement and the need of clean and safe energy. The information is reliable since it gives previous experiments and struggles made up to achieving the current safety levels of using hydrogen fuel. The book fits the research since it categorizes hydrogen fuel as the technological advancement of fuel generation that is safer than the fossil fuel. The book is helpful in giving the prediction of fifty years to come how the fuel and energy production sector will have grown.


Milbrandt, A. & Mann, M. “Potential for hydrogen production from key renewable resources in the United States.” Battelle: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2007. Print.

The article talks on the possibilities of using hydrogen energy as a form of renewable resources. U. S. Department of Energy is working closely with scientists towards generation of renewable energy from hydrogen gas. The main argument on the article is testing the possibilities of the metric tons required for product.............

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