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  1. What’s post-modern about Atomic? Identify one characteristic from post-modernism and explain how that characteristic is used in this opera.

One of the aspects of humanities is the element of post-modernism. John Adam’s ‘Doctor Atomic’ opera focuses on the personal as well as ethical dilemmas that are in this case faced but the main characters that precedes the first atomic bomb test which took place in the year 1945, in the New Mexico. Dr. Modern’s post-modernism, therefore, is showcased by faction. In its fundamental understanding, faction of the ‘‘Dr. Atomic” is very close and similar to historical metaphor in terms of the subject material on the actual events. Although the line between facts and fiction has been clearly drawn with the utmost degree it deserves, Dr. Atomic has made the attention be focused on the artistic side of the literal perspective.

Post-modernism has the effect of creating arts that arouse reflexivity, as well as self-consciousness. One of the main characteristics of modernism as relied in the Dr. Atomic opera is an overall emphasis on the impression on the subject matter. Issues affecting humanity are emphasized from the post modern literal perspectives. Dr. Atomic opera, there is the same emphasis, making it at some point very difficult to stage the specific artistic work, on the looming problem of the bomb which its makers also feared. The artistic illustration in the Dr. Atomic that is mostly interrupted in some cases, may be realized, in the moving walls of cubicles in which the technicians, the scientists, and the support staff relax.

  1. How is  Strangelove satirical?Identify one of the characteristics of satire and explain how that characteristic is used in this movie.

Considered as one of the greatest satirical comedies of all time, Dr. Strangelove was produced at the time when the whole country was terrified of a possible nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. The film was clearly produced at this time to deal with this issue through humor, rather than fear or anxiety. The film is about a crazy but funny general, who finds a loophole in the US military and thus manages to order a nuclear attack. The film progresses to a point whereby the Soviet Union has planted a machine that would destroy the world if Russia is attached. The next phase is whereby in order to stop the attack on Russia and thus rescue the world from its ultimate destruction, there is an absurd race to stop the bombers before they attack the USSR. There beginning of the whole funny scheme was the Russian perceived poisoning of the water, who realized he could not sexually perform as he wished to. The film turns its comic effects to a more ridiculous at this point rather than focusing on its primary subject.

A satirical aspect is employed in the film when certain people decide to go underground in order to protect the human race in the event the nuclear attack goes through. As a plan to do this is on course, the Russian ambassador takes pictures of the American plans, and in this case, so determined to rule the world even if it is ending.

Produced in 1964, Dr. Strangelove is a cold war suspense comedy which has served the purpose of depicting some extreme tension and fear felt by the American government and the public concerning the potential for a nuclear war (Henriksen, 24). It is true that Dr. Strangelove uses satire to reduce nuclear extermination to the level that can be termed as socially tensioning. The use of human idiocy is yes, very satirical and is implied flawlessly in the film to clearly emphasize on the significance of the Cold War apprehension. The film, Dr. Strangelove, created a great impact especially describing the high tension which was felt between the two national parties of the United States with eminent nuclear attacks. The use of human wit and parody has all it takes to demonstrate the high artistic standard implied in this film.

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