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  1. Job Description-Food and Beverage Manager
  2. Job Analysis Questionnaire- The questionnaire is meant to collect information that is detailed about the responsibilities and duties of a job as it currently exists. It provides information about the job and it also helps in revising or developing a job description.

Sample Job Questionnaire

  1. Employee Data

Employee Name –Daniel Nesta

Job Title- Food and Beverage Manager

  1. Purpose of the job position

In a few words please describe the job purpose and position

The role of a food and beverage manager is to ensure that their department works as it is supposed to. The food and beverage manager should ensure that they serve in their best capacity.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

List the duties from the most important to the least important

  • Coordinate all the activities in the food and beverage department.
  • Ensure that all the equipment is in the best condition.
  • Carry out routine inspections
  1. Job Analysis Results- Based on the results of the job analysis questionnaire it is evident that the food and beverage manager is aware of their job requirements.
  2. Job Description-

Title: Food and Beverage Manager

Key Function: Control and Operation of the Food and Beverage Department

Reporting to: The Hotel Director

Subordinates: Executive Manager, Restaurant Manager and Bar Manager

            Specific Activities and Duties

  • Ensure compliance with the rules regarding disposing and handling.
  • Ensure that equipment and machines are always kept in the best condition.
  • Ensure that subordinates adhere to the rules of cost control.
  • Checking on the working and administration procedures.
  • Carrying out routine inspections in all areas associated with the food and beverage department.
  1. Recruitment Advertisement
  2. Job Advertisement- The purpose of the advertisement is to find a suitable candidate for the Food and Beverage job title.

Food and Beverage Manager Required

Title: Food and Beverage Manager

Reporting to: The General Manager

Salary: 3000 dollars per month

Hours: 40 hours per week

Location: San Diego, California

Purpose of the Position

A suitable candidate is required to fill in the position of Food and Beverage Manager at the Oasis Hotel.

  1. Profile
  • Must have excellent knowledge of food and beverage products
  • Should have at least four years in the food and beverage department as well as two years experience in a management position
  • Should be able to check and interpret cost control reports
  • Have the ability to manage the various sections and employees working in the food and beverage department
  1. Responsibility Areas

All the food and beverage outlets, provision and storage areas. Inspection of sanitation and waste disposal areas and the food store rooms.

  1. Job Markets- There are various jobs markets that will be targeted when advertising the job. This means that there will be a variety of potential employees who can fill in the position of a food and beverage manager.
  2. Individuals who are currently employed in the hospitality industry- they have the needed experience and can offer valuable expertise in the new job.
  3. Individuals, who are jobless, but have the.............

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