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Human resources case study

Identify the major problems in this case. Why do you suppose the problems emerged? What could have been done to prevent them
St Prejudice hospital is faced with two major problems. Poor communication among the juniors  employees and seniors employees is a problem in this case. Mr. Otto and his junior employees did not communicate with the junior employees to know the kind of problems or dissatisfactions there were going through. Communication is of at-most importance in every organization (Feldman, 1981). If there were frequent communication between the human resource manager and the junior employees, he would have identified the issue affecting his employees and developed a solution. Lack of proper supervision is another problem in the hospital, most employees complained about their supervisors not having a proper system of supervision. Poor supervision leads to low output. One employee complained of his performance input not being taken . The human resource should make a follow up on the various departments’ heads to know how well they supervise their junior employees. Most complained about was poor performance appraisal. This being the most fair way of promotion (Jia-hua, 2007), head of department should review their performance appraisal. The human resource should ensure performance appraisals are reviewed with changing times.

What are the responsibilities of the director of personnel, Otto?

A director of personnel is responsible over hiring and firing employees. He should understand the laws of employment and staff working condition. He is responsible for providing orientation to new employees and offering training to the existing employees. He should also deal with the welfare issues of the employees

what actions should Otto take?

Otto should call for a meeting with his employees to establish the problems they are facing. He should also review the performance appraisal methods that the supervisor use . Shuffling of the heads of departments would also be recommended to refresh the working conditions. Otto should also do a research on the how comfortable his employees are on pay, food and parkin.............

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