Human Performance Technology

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Table 1: Training Needs Assessment

Training Topic Areas Need Now Future Need Not Needed
Applied Math and Measurements     No
Business operation 60% 30% 10%
Communication, Employee empowerment, Teamwork 0% 100% 0%
Computer Skill 20% 50% 30%
English literacy/GED/ESL 0% 2% 98%
Health and Safety 100% 0% 0%
Quality Assurance or ISO certification Needs 100% 0% 0%
Product and Process control 5% 95% 0%
Team Building 100%    


An initial assessment of what the company required is itemized in the list above. The business operations needed immediate rationalization. This includes elimination of redundancies. The team needed to operate as one and less as individuals so as to maximize on cohesion. What was needed immediately was team building, because working as a team is important for increased productivity, which is needed with the new ISO certification. ISO certification will make the company more attractive. This also has the added advantage of increasing the requirements to adhere to those standards. This automatically increases workload and productivity of the company. It will attract more clients therefore more work done per worker per hour. The percentage in the table indicate the percentage number of people in the company that needed the service training, in the present, future or needed it not at all. For instance for business operation 60% of the employees needed training immediately, 30% needed it in the future and 10% needed it not at all because they had the expertise in that field and had no need of it. All other rows have similar explanation as this one.

Table 2. Training Needs Assessment

ProEnergy Services


Job Position Department Required Training Course Title Description Existing Training Availability Provided by Development Development by
Accounting clerk Accounting Mentoring Peer Training Legal regulatory compliance Yes Yes Internal No
Accounting clerk Accounting Auditing procedures Auditing Improving auditing procedures No No  
Human resources Human Resources Dispute resolution Business communication Ability to resolve worker disputes Yes Yes Internal  
Admin assistant Administration Computer skills Mac OS x Learning to operate Mac Yes Yes Internal No
Admin assistant Administration Mentoring Technical peer mentoring Help coworkers get up to speed on technical tasks & processes Yes Yes Internal No
Marketing manager Sales Public relations Public Relation Help in handling his subordinates Yes Yes Online university No
Sales executive Sales Computer skills Mac OS x Learning to operate Mac Yes Yes Internal

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