Human Nature, Justice

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Humans have distinguishing characteristics based on their locations, culture, and society among other distinguishing factors. Human beings behave differently, think different, and act differently towards one another. Human nature can refer to the distinguishing characteristics of human beings including their way of thinking, their feelings, the way they act, and the way they interact. Human beings have these characteristics, which tent to influence them differently. Each of the characteristics affects human beings in a natural and independent way. The characteristics also vary from one human being to another and every human being has an independent and natural way of acquiring such characteristics. Notably, human kinds have various and natural ways of solving problems arising from their variations. Human nature can be understood from the perspective of bringing out what each of the characteristic is, what causes each one of the characteristics, and understanding the way fixed human nature is. Human nature generates an influence on politics, ethics, and theology. One of the main reasons why human nature is termed as an important part of ethics, theology, and politics is that it is highly regarded as a source of norms, source of the human way of life, as well as its ability to present constraints in living a good life. One can understand human nature by raising the question of what it means to be a human being.

Human nature has been argued based on whether it is good or bad. Some people stand by the idea that people are good basically, and only need to freed and act naturally. Other arguments find it that people are generally bad and would need to control so that they may not act badly such as killing each other. Each of these arguments or views is based on evidence. The two kinds of human beings exist. There are those people who can hardly live without being controlled by the law and authorities. Such people would engage in all sorts of crime only to offense other people. While that happens, there are those other human beings who look forward to living within a peaceful society. People live by the mind that they do not want to be hurt by other humans and would therefore create a peaceful environment. While there are those trying to create chaos and unsafe living for others, there are those who make use of their natural abilities to resolve human conflict as a way of enhancing peace in the society. Some people generally have the notion that everything is good and they would try all their best to enhance the goodness of creation and other things, which seem good to them in the society. Such individuals would enhance the goodness of the society by encouraging people to get rid of the aspects within the society. These individuals would come up with a way of dealing with the few harmful human beings in the society using mechanisms like the law and human correction centers.

There is still a notion that human beings are meant to be free within their natural state and can act naturally. All people would wish to act fairly and freely in a natural state but the existence of corrupt institutions make this aspect almost impossible by making human beings venal. Human beings would be happy in their simple ways of life or their simplicity but the existence of social convictions makes them unwell. Social convictions make people behave differently from the way they would have acted without any social interference. Social convictions alter people behaviors and through the few bad human beings in the society, a part of the human society becomes rotten. The belief that bourgeois social conventions would always be repressive as well as soul destroying has a significant influence on human beings and their way of life. This belief has contributed to people’s revolts in attempt to resist etiquette and traditions. Western cultures are part of the social conviction, which have influenced the social lives of many people in the world from their natural way of life. The western cultures have influenced the rest of the world in their natural way of life, their political systems, and in many other aspects of social, political, and economic life. Without social convictions, only a few people would be subjected to social evil such as drug abuse and crime. Good aspect of human being is widely destroyed by the fact that human beings are easily influenced and they would always want to copy what seems to them as good but it ultimately turns .............

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