Human Experience

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This paper illustrates in detail on human experience as a way that involves five general perspectives that are entailed on their behavior. It goes to the extent of basing it on perspectives like biological, learning, social, cultural, cognitive and psychodynamic influences. Therefore, these perspectives will assist us to analyze on how a relationship begins, develops and how it is maintained and also compare and contrast the impact of the perspectives on behavior in a love relationship. This is to be based on a loving relationship that shows a loving interaction between two people (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2009). Thus, this will assist us to be aware of how a relationship is formed through the entailed perspectives and assist us to be in the position of handling a love relationship.

How Love Relationship begins, Develops and Maintained

Biological perspective

Biological love begins in the womb, shapes our brain and determines how we think and feel throughout our lives. It is usually critical to the development of personality, mental health and sexual orientation. During this stage, love and affection help the nervous system to develop properly. In event of this, there is the production of serotonin and other repressive brain hormones that allow proper development in the uterus hence radiates positively throughout the lives of the mother and the fetus. Thus, this indicates that the ability of biological perspective, love begins with the reciprocating effect of maternal and infant affection ties (Carter, 2011).   This shows that the interaction between these two systems has a definite though variable influence upon later systems.

It is seen that later on the mother reluctantly becomes aware that her child has grown to be an independent human being as she is separated from her infant in spite of everything. This emotion develops later and beside the first which is much more permanent towards the two parties. The biological tie is so strong in the mother and the baby does not perceive that the mother is separate and independent human being. Later on, we do not perceive signs of love of the small child for its mother but only expressed as an emotional dependency and gratitude (Hutchison, 2010). This shows that the baby learns to love the mother as it is loved by her. In such a reversal the baby in the mother’s role loves itself in another life. Therefore, this shows that love is maintained as it enters the child’s life and sticks there permanently.

Social perspective

This is where two people engage in a mix of emotional expressions and attachment behaviors that are termed as love. It entails that the development of people and society is a way that focuses on the examination of people being influenced by what is around them. This indicates that people are not born bad, depressed and intelligent but are shaped into their personalities over time. This can be achieved through the interaction that they have and the situations with which they live. Furthermore, people are influenced by numerous obstacles that affect their love relationship hence they opt to socialize in order to maintain their love. This indicates that making a love relationship conscious is influenced by outside social sources (Hutchison, 2010).  Big decisions like weather to have children or get married are formed based on a vast plethora of complex influences of socialization.

To be in a love relationship, the two ought to understand the society in which they live in and keep in mind that the self is always acting in a social cont   ext in which other selves exists. Social relationship emerges from individual actions and the individuals have to learn and how to deal with them since it is what is in the society. This can be maintained by learning how to make them presentable in the relationship (Carter, 2011).   Thus, being aware of how a relationship is being affected socially entails the couples to be in a better status and lead a better livelihood in the society.

Cultural perspective

Two-person love relationship in a cultural perspective develops over time; this is achieved where by partners develop their own history, shared experiences, and customs that give that relationship a special character. This is meant to differentiate the relationship in various ways from other love relationships   in the community. This also includes composing of rules, customs and other characteristics that give an identity to the relationship. The implementation of a these experiences is supposed to act as a linking unit between the two parties. It is entailed to remind the parties of where they come from and even guide the couple (Hutchison, 2010). Thus, this assists the relationship to develop into a strong hold individuals that are in a love relationship.

The inclusion of these history, experiences and customs culturally assists the relationship as it acts as an identity of the couple in the society.  This gives them the moral to live on as they have an identity that describes who they are and where they come from. In event of this, the relationship is seen as developing towards a strong path. Moreover, this kind of relationship is maintained through the creation of a context for interaction and negotiation among the two members. This is achieved through communication, the participants are able to know about the background of each (Maslow, 2009).  This entails them to be aware of each other’s history hence trust is developed and eventual.............

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