HRD Practitioner Interview

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This paper discusses in detail on an interview that was done on Kelvin who deals with applied Human resource Department function in dental school organization. The person is a leader who has practical experience in Human Resource Department. This basically illustrates that the purpose of the interview is to determine how Kelvin provides the functions, how he was trained to provide the purpose and how often the task is done (Elliot, 2005). Moreover, the written document ought to be submitted with the inclusion of background information on the interviewee and my personal reaction to the information gleaned in the information.

It is seen that Kelvin provides training and enhancing the capabilities of the employees which fundamentally improve the skills, perspectives and knowledge of their workforce at the dental organization. Kelvin is more likely to hold on to employees that make use of their full prospective and contribute it to the benefit of the union. He was trained on issues related in focusing on how to give appropriate satisfaction to his junior employees. This indicates that he has a degree in Human Resource Management and has the ability to analyze organizational behavior as well as human behavioral motivations (Sambrook, 2007). Furthermore, he has post baccalaureate first professional degree in dental surgery and has a licensure and certification. This enables him to be regarded as a leader with strong communication and leadership skills.

Kelvin posses a strong bias for dental action and a keen sense of urgency that entices him to be interested in continuous learning that would enable him more experienced.   He is also trained in issues related to dental subjects and hence with the experience of four years at the Chicago Medical Hospital School he is able to provide good work.  This is where he was told on the importance of being a genuine and fare leader (Elliot, 2005). He is meant to provide equal and fare work throughout while at work as this shows that he is a good leader.

It is seen that when at work he should always be patient with them as this entails him to be regarded as a good employee. This is so as his best experiences are when he gets positive feedbacks from the work place. Whereas when he is in a bad mood and interacts with his fellow employees negatively, this generally has contributed to bad experience in his working career (Sambrook, 2007). This indicates that Kelvin working at the dental firm is a benefit to both employees and patients as his main focus is to give positive results to all individuals looking upon him.

Kelvin usually participates in his work at his office that is located at Chicago Medical School. His other best experience is when he advices his fellow colleagues and they oblige. This is so as their obligation of honoring his orders generally contributes to success at the school. More so, his additional worst experience is when his junior members disregard his motives as this has led to failure of the school on several occasions. Having organization support such as encouragement and motivation from other employees has enabled him to work harder with the intention of creating a favorable atmosphere for all employees (Werner & DeSimone, 2011). This has created a better and much more reliable profile for him to be regarded as an effective leader in any firm.

Interview questions and responses

  1. Could you please tell me about yourself, your academic and professional qualifications?

I am an individual with strong interpersonal expertise and get along with my fellow employees. Apart from details in my resume, I am quick in learning from mistakes and I believe that basing on the tests conducted on me will corroborate my competence aptitude and right attitude for the job. Moreover, I went to Harvard University and did a degree in Human Resource Management and to Yale University and did a degree in dental surgery and medicine (Werner & DeSimone, 2011). This has enabled me to work at Chicago Medical Hospital School as an organizer for the past four years.

  1. Why did you leave your previous work?

I was looking for a place like this which is an outstanding match for my skills and familiarity. Moreover, the firm where I work is not very much challenging and thus this made me to opt for this firm as I believe it’s more challenging and convenient for me.

  1. Do you have any appropriate experience in this career field?

I have been working with Michigan Medical hospital for the past four years as a dental assistant by dealing with problems related to setting up and maintaining dental operations. Hence, I suppose I have the essential skills to work as Human resource manager in the firm basing on my education background.

  1. What do you know about this company?

I know that the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry is the main center of excellence that is concerned with both oral and craniofacial health. This is so as they tend to go for leadership and innovation in academics and clinical care.

  1. Are you looking for other jobs anywhere?

Am not looking for other job opportunities; this is so as I believe that am the best recommendable candidate for the job being offered by this dental school. This is so as I believe

  1. Do you happen to know anyone from this firm?

I don’t know anyone from this firm but if give an opportunity I believe I will come to know some of the employees working in the firm.

  1. What kind of salary are you proposing to?

Am sure that the firm has established a salary range for this position; would you be so kind and tell more about it?

  1. How long do you intend to work with us?

I intend to work with firm until I retire as I am not that kind an employee who likes moving from one place to another.

  1. Do you happen to have any queries for me?

Yes, can you please tell me what are some of my obl.............

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