HR and leadership

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Human resource management (HRM) has being of great concern all over the world in implementing organizational changes and there are many challenges faced by HR departments to ensure new ideas are implemented in the most effective way. Many studies have shown that human resource department is instrumental in development of firm’s financial and administrative sectors.Human resource should be carefully constituted as it’s concerned with general organization in terms of policies, employees, goal and objectives to which his organization is geared towards improving its effectiveness and better performance (Boselie, 2005).Leadership can be defined as the way process are influenced in an organization by leaders who have visions and is determined to achieve the organizations set objectives at any cost.Management makes programmed decision affecting organization day to day activities and is concerned with administrative duties rather than decision making.

For HR to be leading the department should employ effective strategy and solution to resourcing and ensuring there is talent planning and development, service delivery is at its best with well-coordinated systems of communication which involves employee engagement and relations. Thus leading HR should be determined in performance and must reward employees on good work done. Above all the human resource management should be of credible personality, driven to deliver, decisive thinkers, role model and should have courage to challenge actions in the organization. Organization is important to ensure delivery of services and attainment of objectives if structural changes are effectively managed.

Organizational structure of any firms matters a lot as if it’s well organized it will be easy to effect changes because the values , believes and attitudes set by an organization so there is well spelt out procedure on how everything is coordinated in the organization including , communication systems and responds to the environment. Strategic human resource management relies mostly on resource based view of the firm which suggests human resource practices leads to high performance and sustained in competitive environment. Top management should ensure high technology is employed in firms to enable HR practices build up mentoring, give incentives to performing workers and also enable performance appraisal which encourages development of working relationship (Collins&Clark, 2003).

HRM and worker performance

Human resource development can be achieved be ensuring you hire only qualified individuals with potential of learning and adapting to changes and training them to increase their performance and increasing knowledge assets in the organization. Human resource management creates value and increases firm’s performance and also increases interactions between employees and customers which in turn shapes customers perspective of the quality of service they obtain from the firm. If the employee put time and effort in satisfying customers’ needs this increases customers buying behavior and trust in the firms products hence the firm is able to maintain existing customers and all gain new ones as customer experience ultimately attracts new clients. Commitment of human resource department, impact the willingness of employee to satisfy customer’s needs and the general performance of the firm (McClean, 2009).

HR departments have being viewed as the greatest assets in any organization and are actively involved in selection , training and ensuring changes are implemented to increase the performance of the firm is competitive in the current environment which translates to good results both financially and product wise . HR department must comply with the organizations objectives in order to ensure that any changes they impose are compatible with the client’s needs. Before any change is proposed should be wide consultation among top management to ensure it’s efficient. Training to the workers on how the changes can be perfected should be done as cultural change requires some monitoring (Pyshorn & Huisman 2011).

Performance of HRM is of concern with managerial changes within the firm to grow and develop structures that will ensure there is program design and implementation. HR managers have task of maximizing on their knowledge of workforce and best way to deal with managing people to become change agents to lead and believe in the structural implementation of changes within the organization. HR professionals function is managing changes including supporting and advising employees by preparing document entailing the changes to be used in developing procedure of implementing changes in the organization. This becomes possible by ensuring they recruit employees who are willing to implement the changes and competitiveness in the working environment (Alfes, Truss & Gill, 2010).

Most human resource management journals have shown the interaction between human resource professionals and other employee determines progress, working relations and unity in the organization and should be strong link between them for any firm to achieve its sustained comparative advantage and record strategic performance. Consensus should be applied in implementation of changes in the firm because in its absence there will be no good will to ensure the changes are effected and hence performance will be affected as workers will not create good environment for organizations growth and development hence customers will be dissatisfied and affect service delivery (Keegan &Boselie 2006).Performance is of great importance to employees as they are assured of job security, selective hiring and extensive training and learning opportunities, their issues are addressed accordingly. Team work is encouraged and self-management of the  time allocated to them to work which in turn leads to career development and differences between leaders and employees are reduced hence they enjoy the working environment. Employees above all are able to balance their work and social time.

Development of organization is achieved by ensuring we have competitive human resource team that manages employees individually and cumulatively the organizational team to address uncertainty and engages in training the employee on structural changes to reduce threats of suppressing those hence poor working relations. Specialization of workers enables them work in their area of expertise hence ensuring smooth transition of changes as there is awell spell out guidelines on what is expected of them to implement and the interaction helps to have consistent and harmony in the operations which works well for the good of the whole organization (Lengnick-hall, et al 2011).

HRM studies have shown that human resource professional relationship with employees is determined by management structure of the organization thus ranking employee’s helps in ensuring integration of individual and firms objectives are taken care of hence competitive employees relationship will ensure changes are effected according as promotions are based on performance (Janssens & Steyaert, 2009).

HR outsourcing

Outsourcing is good in an organization when we have low transaction cost caused by external factors and human resource decision are the main causes of demand for reduced costs. HR professional should work on reducing cost of production  and allocating employees to the core areas in the production thus services will be delivered at best hence attracting more and effectively products which are of high quality and satisfies customers . All relevant strategic activities should be allocated more time and resources this increases relationship between HRM andan employee as job security is a priority to them (Delmotte & Sels 2008).Roles of management can be stated as follows, creating of agenda i.e. establishing detailed step wise guideline on how the firm can achieve stipulated goals with the available resources, organizing and staffing the firm to have the required man power to drive its mission.

Organizational structures should be flexible and easily adaptable and should create room for adjustments as some attributes’ are unexpected. Management and employees should be able to interrelate in a manner that will enable them achieve the firms objective. (Lengnick-hall et al 2011).


HR policies and practices have faced a challenge in that they formulate policies then give administrators to ensure its implemented by the employees but the administrators may not be willing to enact the policies hence the organization may fail to meet its intended objective and blame comes back to the human resource department which have no information if the policies where not implemented to the latter. There should be well spelt boundary on the roles undertaken by human resource managers and administrative managers so that each as power to monitor implementation of policies and practices and reduce personal motives in delivery and enactment of changes in the organization(Woodrow, 2012).Leadership’s role in an organization is establishing direction by developing vision for the future of the organization and the means of driving changes necessary in ensuring you are on the right track to achieving the vision. Leadership has acts as means of communication to employees and feeding them with available strategies for smooth running of the firm to attain its vision.

Critical human resource management system should be concerned with contextualizing HR practices within the existing environment to maximize on profits and ensure there is increased market share and should be good at enacting employment laws as required, it should also be good of adopting human management’s skills that are useful in interacting with the workers. The views of the employees are best addressed by human resource department in management and this improves unity in the firm as problems have good channels to be dealt (Delbridge &Keenoy, 2010).

Leadership should be aimed at motivating team spirit in an organization and hence should eng.............

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