How Well Local Partnership Contribute To Integrated Rural Development

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A Case Study Of A Rural Aberdeenshire.

Dissertation proposal

Title page

How well does local partnership contribute to integrated rural development? : A case study of a rural aberdeenshire.


Rural development has been a major concern in aberdeenshire over many years. It has been a dream which has remained unattained because of poor rural planning, poor resource allocation and lack of enough resources for development. But recently, local partnerships have been discovered to play a big role in causing rural development. Despite the fact that local partnership brings rural development, there is still some more information which needs to be uncovered how local partnerships real bring rural development.


Aberdeenshire has shown some glimpses of rural development which are attributed to recent local partnerships which were launched by the local government of Scotland. However, Rural Development has rapidly occurred only in places where local partnerships exist leaving behind areas without local partnerships. This research study therefore intends to explore local partnerships in aberdeenshire and prove how well they improve or brings rural development. This proposal is organized into parts which describe in summary what will be contained in the main dissertation.

 Background information

Rural development is one of key priorities of local governments but how they go about it is a big challenge which has not found a lasting solution. A lot of emphasis is put on possible methods of improving or accelerating rural development like local partnering but little is being achieved than expected. This could be due to poor rural planning and allocation of resources. From this perspective this research proposal “How well does local partnership contribute to integrated rural development”? Was developed so as to unfold the truth about local partnership and integrated rural development in rural aberdeenshire.

Research question

In trying to understand well the research topic the following research questions shall be answered

  1. What measures will improve the effectiveness of local partnerships on rural development?
  2. What are the key characteristics or rural development partnership in aberdeenshire?
  3. What impact has partnerships brought to rural development specifically in aberdeenshire?

Specific objectives

  1. To discover how well local partnership will improve rural development in aberdeenshire
  2. To investigate the impact of local partnerships in aberdeenshire
  3. To explore local partnerships in aberdeenshire and relate it to rural development

Major aims

The aim of this research study is to evaluate how local partnership has impacted rural development in aberdeenshire. The study will involve a case study of aberdeenshire community to determine how local partnerships promote or improve rural development.


Both secondary and primary research budget shall be developed. The research design shall be both qualitative and quantitative (Kumar, 2007). Quantitative portion of this research shall consist of numerical aspect of the study like the number of local partnerships existing in aberdeenshire, while qualitative aspect shall be focused on aberdeenshire population and their perception to local partnership for rural development. Methods of collecting data will include; in-depth interviews, questionnaire supplied to local population, surveys, case study and general observation (Kumar, 2007).


This study will be carried out on a small sample of individuals hence it will require generalization of the results.

This study will be limited by Lack of enough time to collect, sample and analyze relevant data about the topic of discussion. This will affect the reliability and accuracy of research results.

Research Validity and Reliability

This research is vey phenomenological in nature and all research questions are related to the core characteristics of the research fact as discussed. The data collection process and its subsequent analysis shall thus be accurate so as to ensure that highest degree of validity is realized (Kumar, 2007). However, it is important to note that several aspects of research validity which influence reliability of research findings shall also be used as they shall be found appropriate.

Time line

Timeline:  Ghant chart

Activity Weeks
Week commencing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14      
Exploring literature                                  
Writing literature review                                  
Studying on methodology                                  
Writing methodology                                  
Designing the Questionnaire                            

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