How To Write A Research Paper

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Introductory paragraph determines the topic, gives the definition of various terms, and attracts the reader’s attention into the essay world. The introductory topic should first of all attract the reader’s attention and make the reader understand what the topic is all about through defining the definition of different terms and explaining further what the topic entails. This will enable the reader to understand and comprehend on the topic that will be under discussion. Thesis statement, which is normally placed at the end of the introductory paragraph, should encompass the two contrasting voices. Thesis statement is always the last sentence in the introductory paragraph and should always tell the reader what the essay is going to talk about and list all the important points that are to be discussed thereafter. It should also bring the concept of two opposing voices especially when the essay is an argumentative one.

In the body paragraph, the first paragraph starts with the main point that was first listed in the thesis statement. In an argumentative essay, the two contrasting voices should always take center stage. As listed in the thesis statement, the first point should start on the first paragraph to facilitate the flow of the points. This point should bring an element of argument, that is, contain two opposing voices. Both points should try to balance so as to make the argument interesting. The same first paragraph should also provide full bridle to the hypothesis. One should always ask himself or herself whether element of assumption is provided in full bridle in this paragraph.

There should be two opposing sides with different point of view. Always a healthy argument should always have a concrete ending and in as much as there will be two opposing sides, a better conclusion should be arrived at. This will make the essay to bring some sense. Assumption’s voice should bring points that are identifiable in regards to the subject. In an argumentative essay, voice of assumption on peer group should try to bring identifiable points in regards to the subject. This will ensure the two sides are not out of the context. Despite of the argument, the two sides should always bring an argument that is relevant to the topic of discussion so that it remains a healthy discussion.

Subsequent paragraph start with the point that was following the first point from the thesis statement. For the flow of an essay, there is always a protocol that should be taken into consideration. The way in which the points are listed in the thesis statement should always be followed so that the reader can comprehend and understand what he 0r she is reading. The topic should always have two opposing voices on the peer edit so that it can bring the element of argument in the essay.

Whenever the two opposing voices debate, they should endeavor to be within the topic of discussion to avoid irrelevancy. The assumption’s reasoning corresponds with the second body paragraph point-by-point? In the reasoning of the assumption, one should always ask himself whether the reasoning responds with the second body paragraph point-by-point or not? The assumption made should be relevant to the topic of discussion and should also have two opposing sides. It should take the second paragraph and be discussed in length.

Researched data that is employed in the second body paragraph should be cited in the parenthetic reference. The researched data that was employed in the second paragraph should also be argued on. Argument should be whether the data should be cited in the parenthetic reference or not? The opposing side should object the statement while the proposing side should support the motion. According to me, researched data should be cited in the parenthetic reference so that the reader can understand where the data came from. Most people guess statistical data giving their readers a wrong impression about where the research was extracted.  To avoid ambiguity, data should be well cited so that in case the reader is in doubt, can always refer. The argument should bring some logics (No hasty generalizations, hidden assumptions, circular reasoning, or flawed reasoning). Most people would always like to generalize their opinion thus making the argument not to make se.............

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