How to Turn Stress into Positive Energy

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Define Stress

Stress is one way that human body responds to demand. Stress causes are related to good or bad experiences. When individuals are stressed with something happening around, their bodies respond or react by discharging chemicals into their bloodstream. These compounds give individuals strength and more energy that sometimes offers good things if the level of stress if physical danger is the cause of stress (Chiesa, Alberto, and Alessandro 600). On the contrary, it can be negative if the level of stress is responding to an emotional problem and it lacks outlet for the extra power and energy. This magazine will discuss different causes of stress, their impacts to people, the difference between positive and negative stress and ways that individuals can turn negative stress into positive energy.

Causes of Stress

There are many issues in the world that can cause stress, ranging from physical (such as developed fear of smoothing) to emotional causes such as anxiety over Job or family. One of the outstanding steps that an individual ought to deploy to identify stress is learning how to manage stress. Some of the most evident causes of stress are: Survival Stress- The most common phrase used here is “fight or flight.” There is a typical response to danger in all animals and people. When one is afraid of smoothing or someone, knowing that he/she can cause physical hurt, the body usually reacts with a burst of energy hence it is possible for an individual to survive dangerous situations such as this by taking flight or fight to defend the person. This is called survival stress (John M., et al., 252).

Internal stress- This type of stress is related to worrying about things for no reason at all. This type of stress is most notable one hence people ought to understand how to manage it. Internal stress is when individuals make themselves stressed with or without a common reason. This often takes place when people worry about things they have no control over or put themselves in a situation they know will cause stress such as spending money without accounting for it. Most people are addicted to this type of stress via lifestyle and tense addiction.

People manifested with this type of stress look for a stressful situation and feel stressed about issues that are not stressful. Environmental Stress- This type of stress is one whereby individuals respond to issue around then that cause stress such as overcrowding, pressure from work or family and or noise. Identifying such types of stress and discovering how to avoid them or deal with them helps to lower the level of stress to an individual with such kind of stress. Overwork and Fatigue- This type of stress starts over a long time and can have a devastating impact on an individual’s body. It can be caused by working extra or too much at school, in the workplace or home. It is often caused by not knowing how to manage time well. In addition, this negative stress is caused due to lack of time to relax or rest. This type of stress is the hardest to achieve because many individuals feel that it is out of their control. Later in this article, the ways to deal with this type of stress is highlighted.

However, various ways can be used to change the above negative types of stress into positive energy as below: If you are among the million people affected by stress and would opt for a permanent relief the first step to turn stress into positive energy is identifying the causes and stress you have. Identifying that stress is a response that one makes to the situation that they face t.............

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