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Campus security is a major issue throughout the United States. Parents want their kids to be safe while they are in the process of acquiring education far from home and students desire to feel secure while living in the campus. The New York institute of technology-Manhattan campus has had an unvarying battle with campus security over the years with increased incidences on and around the campus. This paper explores ways in which the security of New York institute of technology-Manhattan campus can be improved. In this paper, the problems related to preventing crime and making sure that the campus is safe, proposed solutions to the problems and the cost to be incurred in the process of fixing the problems will be discussed. The stated problems and solutions suggested will indeed help the school administration to be able to determine the root cause of lax in security in the institution and help them in fixing the problems thus leading to the improvement of security in the campus.


The current school security presents a myriad of problems related to preventing crime and securing safety on campus. Recent tragedies in Newtown, CT and the increase in school shootings in the United States in the last few years have made it clear that this could happen in any school if proper precautions are not taken. The security staff mainly in New York institute of technology- Manhattan campus relies on the facial recognition system that requires the guards to identify each person entering the building. If distracted or not paying attention, the security guards are usually unable to identify outsiders from students. This allows potentially unsafe individuals to access the school grounds in turn exposing the students to security risks such as muggings. School issued photo identification cards are not checked by the security personnel and serve no valid purpose thus this leads to minimal security which leaves the students, teachers, and faculty at risk of danger (Jackson, Jerlando, and Melvin 123). The school is therefore obligated to take the first steps to develop precautions and embrace university ground protection.

Proposed Solutions

To solve this issue of lax in security, the following solutions have been proposed.

Use of Turnstiles and Radio Frequency identification Technology and security Patrols

By using Radio Frequency identification technology and turnstiles in combination with security patrols and extra training of the security personnel, incidences such as Virginia Tech Massacre can be easily prevented (Jackson, Jerlando, and Melvin 123).

ID card Scanners

The use of ID card scanners in checking the school issued cards can help in distinguishing students from outsiders (Jackson, Jerlando, and Melvin 123).

Unannounced Drills

The head of campus security should regularly carry out unannounced drills. These drills will help the security personnel to be al.............

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