How revolutionary was the American Revolution

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How revolutionary was the American Revolution

A revolution can be said to occur when there is a drastic and radical change in a social, economical or political institution. The American Revolution took place from 1775 as a protest from the thirteen North American states to the British government. The war ended in 1783 after the American states worn. The war was as a result of the poor treatment that the British gave to their colonies. After the war with the French in which Britain succeeded, the colonial masters were left in a huge financial crisis. To ensure economic recovery, they imposed heavy taxes on the Americans. The Americans insisted that they would only pay the taxes if they received equal representation as Englishmen (Countryman, 64).

The declaration of independence was formalized on July 4 1776. It contained three major parts that the Americans used to declare their independence from the reign of the British. Apart from the claim of independence, it also listed the rights of man and validated the reasons for the revolution while accounting a list of complaints against the British King George three. After the reading of the declaration of independence on July 9 1776, that the 13 North American colonies used to declare their independence the American army was no longer under Britain’s rule. They destroyed the statue of King George three in New York City which was strategically placed at the foot of Broadway on the bowling green July 9 1776. This symbolized the end of a monarchy based government into a republic where the people would vote for their leaders.

The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America congress contained revolutionary statements which spearheaded the road to democracy, equality and autonomy. The concept of all men being created equal was a radical statement that was used later on as a stepping stone to abolish slavery and bring respect between the rich and the poor. The declaration used the basic human rights of life, liberty and happiness as the unifying factors between all people. The issue of a government that would derive its just power from the people it governed was a new concept. The British government had instilled rules on the thirteen states that neglected the needs of Americans and focused on their colonial masters. The revolution brought a government that was just and would exist sorely for its citizens.

The drawing by Benjamin Henry Latrobe which was drawn on November 1797, during the period of the revolution depicted two men playing a game of billiards in Virginia. The two men come from distinctly different social classes and status quo. While one man is elegantly dressed symbolizing the elite of the society the other man does not even have shoes and symbolizes the destitute of the society. Though the two are playing a game together the gap between the two is too wide. The social gap between the elite and the poor of the society was too wide prior to the revolution and the rich would publicly dehumanize the poor regularly. The drawing of the two different sides of the society enjoying a game together symbolizes social change and equality which could not have happened before the revolution. The revolution brought about respect and recognition of the value of all men whether rich or poor.

The William and Mary quarterly was a journal that published the research findings of the day. It published the economic status of representatives drawn from several state legislatures post and prior to the revolution. A legislature is an assembly with power that allows autonomy in making and ratifying laws. From the documents it printed from data collected in 1765 and 1785 it depicted a decrease in the wealthy population and an increase in the middle classes after the revolution. Though the journal depicted a decrease in wealth in the six states it picked on two dates prior to the revolution and immediately after the war (Greene, 154).

The revolution like every other revolution brought radicalism and concepts like equality and rule of law were sought after. With these tenets it was no longer possible to tolerate slavery for both the black population as well as the Americans. Though these values were highly compromised a social and political reform was started that acted as a platfor.............

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