How Quercetin chemical Works

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Quercetin is a chemical obtained from foods such as berries, red wine, teas, apples and also onions. It is also present in herbs like balboa plant and St. John’s wort (Cheuvront, Ely, & Kenefick, 2009). Quercetin performs as an antioxidant since it interferes with the cell membranes and harm DNA (Janisch, 2004). As a diet supplement, it also contain anti inflammatory chattels and antihistamine. However, it has been known to prevent numerous diseases and illnesses by preventing lipid perodixication but this chemicals’ degree of intake and absorption is yet to be determined (Davis , Murphy, & Carmichael, n.d.).

The chemical’s performance as antioxidant is a factor of how it is made as well as the study of its metabolites.  According to young investigators’ journal, an undergraduate science journal, several studies presented the option view that better engrossed antioxidants, like vitamin C, are exerting the antioxidant result witnessed after consumption of certain foods such as apples (Machlin and Bendich 1987). The purpose of this study is to know whether Quercentin is good for athletes. It has become a trend for athletes to take supplements instead of the real foods forgetting the side effects of some supplements.

How Quercetin chemical Works

Instead of using a lot of caffeine and sugar to provide your body a lift, Quercetin activates your own energy producing mechanisms that less pain receptive (Machlin and Bendich 1987). Quercetin performs in the body as a super fuel that imitates the effects of working out and exercise by improving the production of the body cell mitochondria, the energy production units. Traditionally, exercise training has been the only realistic mode to increase the quantity of mitochondrion cells (Davis , Murphy, & Carmichael, n.d.).


Free radicals are spontaneous molecular species with unpaired electrons that corrode other molecules to add electrons and steady themselves. The result produces an extra free reaction of stabilization and configuration (Machlin and Bendich 1987). These radicals can oxidize macromolecules e.g. DNA, carbohydrates and proteins (Uddin and Ahmad 1995) and damage them to lose fluidity when peroxidised and proteins to deform them from their natural state (Machlin and Bendich 1987).

Effects of Quercetin to Athlete’s body composition

According to research, quercetin is considered to stop the discharge of histamine from some specific cells in the immune. Histamine, an inflammatory chemical, is normally involved in sensitive symptoms such as itching and sneezing. Though experiments in the laboratory suggest that quercetin may help in fighting allergies, a 2002 report cautions that there isn’t any good clinical research data quercetin use for patients suffering allergic rhinitis (McAnulty, McAnulty, & Nieman, 2008).A study of 41 adults was done in 2007, researchers discovered that taking 730mg of quercetin every day for 28 days minimizes blood pressure in persons with hypertension. Blood pressure is nevertheless not reformed in study members with pre-hypertension, a condition which is marked by somewhat raised blood pressure (McAnulty, McAnulty, & Nieman, 2008).

Effects of Quercentin on exercise performance in athletes

Quercetin may be worse than placebo in enhancing athletic act, rendering to a study of 2009 of thirty healthy men. Athletics requires extreme exercise that involves alot of oxidation in the muscles. This oxidation produces some effects and some of them can be inflammatory in the event that one uses quercentin (Preedy, 2007). Some participants for the study were given an energy drink that contained 250mg of quercetin 4 times in a day for up to 16 days, while the others were given a placebo drink without quercetin. Results proved that the supplementation of short term quercetin failed to advance cycling routine and the muscles ability to synthesize energy (Macrae & Merfferd, 2006).

Effects of Quercentin on muscle damage indices in athletes

Studies of cell structures have revealed that quercetin can slow development of some kinds of cells of cancer and even according to some research based on animal 1uercetin may defend against definite cancer such as colon cancer. Due to lack of enough studies on quercetin cancer rebellious effects for lack of human specimen, we may have to wait longer before we know its true abilities in fighting and curing cancer (Machlin and Bendich 1987). According to the American cancer society, it is sensible to include foods that comprise quercetin as portion of the balanced diet stressing on fruits, legumes, vegetable and whole grains.

Also when ingesting quercetin as a supplement, please be sure to chose plant-derived enzymes shown to surge the absorption of intestine of the chemical

Another disease that the chemical is known to relieve is chronic pelvic pain syndrome, that a placebo controlled trial indicates that use of quercetin supplements may improve the symptoms in most men with severe chronic pelvic pain syndrome.


There is rise of demand for drugs that enhance mental procedure including attention, producing memory and understanding. Quercetin is one among many other supplementary drugs that have this capability. It is a bioflavonoid found in vegetables, highly in onions, broccoli, green tea and fruits especially red apples, red grapes and berries. It can be used as a beverage, food or supplement (Bosetti & Spertini, 2005). This supplement is also used for treating blood vessels such as hardening of the arteries, heart conditions and high cholesterol. It is mainly used by athletes to improve on their performance when it comes to athletics and also increase endurance in as little as seven days.

Athletes are not advised to take this supplement because it has bad effects on their bodies. It damages their muscles and the muscles are one most important requirement during exercises. With injured muscles, athletes cannot be able to exercise and compete. One limitation that is seen is that this supplementary drug does not undergo any kind of testing like ordinary drugs(Machlin and Bendich 1987). This is risky as it is released to the public for consumption without going through the Administration of Food and Drug. Therefore there is no proof that Quercetin is actually safe or effective to its wide market. The supplement is also not tested to find out if it can interact with certain types of foods, medicines or other supplements. The labels of the supplement may not show the actual amount of substance that is used in its manufacture.

Some of Quercetin’s side effects include; upset stomach, heartburn, and headache. It is also not friendly to people with kidney complications and pregnant women. It may cause genetic mutation in an unborn child if consumed by a pregnant mother. According to cytology (study of cells), it shows negative effects of Quercetin. This is due to the fact that it has low oral bioavailability hence low percentage of the compound is absorbed and put to use (Shokes, 1999).Quercetine, like caffeine can cause lack of sleep as it can block adenosine receptors.

Justification of Quercetin

Though Quercetine has its limitations it is still highly recommended and advised to those seeking cognition. This is supported by the fact that it is the best researched compared to other Bioflavonoids. Quercetine is seen to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant and anti-artherogenic properties (Kim & lee, 2007). The benefit of the anti-oxidant is that it plays a very important role in protecting the cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative DNA damage may cause neck and head cancer. It is also seen that quercetin has GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) label on it and so far no side effects have been noted in small amounts of doses. It is advised that one should take 200 to 500 mg of the supplement twice to thrice a day. This will enhance treatment of conditions such as gout, hay fever, peptic ulcer, flu, edema, asthma, allergies, prostates, atherosclerosis, diabetes, retinopathy, capillary fragility and others.

Scientists have carried out their research and found out that Quercetin actually interacts with following medications; Estradiol, is a hormone that is injected to treat menopause and osteoporosis.Quercetin taken with estradiol is thought of increasing estrogen in the body and may cause hormonal imbalance.Cyclosporine, a drug that prevents rejection of transplanted organs by the immune syst.............

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