How my reading skills improved

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How my reading skills improved

My academic life has been characterized by hard work and never-ending desire to prosper in my education. I would not have achieved what I am today without adequate reading skills in English. Through my hard work and continue efforts I have enhanced my reading as well as listening skills. I must say that all these have been achieved after a hard struggle in learning English as second language. The achievements have helped me improve my English mastery skills as well. Like any other learning difficulties, complications in my reading were devastating to my educational life and self-esteem. I vividly remember when I was ridiculed me by other students who post discouraging comments about my poor reading skills, poor English mastery skills and English performance. Though majority of students and teachers had thought that I had troubles in English, this I believed was not the case. I only did not have the capability of organizing my work and presenting my ideas and points clearly through writing and reading. My parents had high expectations in me and I always tried never to let their dreams die or fail them in any way and so I kept trying. With time, I would have the ability to express what I knew about various subjects through writing and could reading. I finally had a breakthrough. This autobiographical narrative therefore talks about the breakthrough moments in my development as a literate person and some educational experiences that have shaped my identity as student and how my reading skills have improved. I take special attention to when I started to study in FIU last semester.

My academic life has been through various challenges. I did not study in a high school on USA and so my reading skills were wanting when I first joined FIU last semester. Since I joined FIU, my reading skills have greatly improved and thus improvements in interpreting contents. I understood that the only way I could prove my intelligence was through reading practice. Reading was a basic skill and I had to figure out why teachers insisted on improving personal reading skills in general. My reading was poor and hardly fluent and so I mainly failed oral exams because the teachers could not figure out the ideas presented through. Discovering my failure as a weakness was the first step when I joined FIU since last semester. I had to accept that I was poor in reading and this was my turning point, self-acceptance.

I thereafter decide to work on the problem individually and systematically through venturing into books and various novels. I remember going through the book by title, “Lord of the Rings” severally noting various languages and styles used. During my person study time and homework, I gave special attention and concentration on the fluency of my readings rather than the speed. The two aspects, fluency and speed, were problems to my reading technicalities, and I had to handle them separately. Often, I had to submit my writings to the English teacher for marking and further advice, and so I worked hard. In some cases, I would try to copy letters as they appeared or as they were written. Though the practice was tiresome and time consuming, the desire to improve was never-dying idea and so I continued. Before I knew it, I had tremendously improved in my reading skills. I noticed that my language had improved significantly as well based on my performance. My practice involved intensive reading.............

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