How Might the Structure of Science Responsible for Keeping Girls From Going Into Science?

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The study of gender gap in science education is important in today`s world. In the past girls, underrepresentation in school curriculum did not only occur in science education both in the general education system. The study of the structure of science causes of differences in participation helps in identification of key areas that need review. I preferred the case study by Mike since it helps unveil the major issue in science education that is a gender gap.

How Might the Structure of Science Responsible for Keeping Girls From Going Into Science?

Girls do not relate what lessons learnt in class with the real world. In order to help the girl child understand the real world teachers need to come up with practical projects. The design of the structure of science is in a way that what taught in class can be very different with the real life situations. Students need practical experiences to connect what they learned from class with what real life situations. Girls get involved more in the biological science since they can easily relate to the real world. The glass infusion experiment is an experiment Mike used to demonstrate how girls’ interest and representation appears in a biological science. The girls have more interest in the practical than in the classroom.

The teaching model of science education affects the interest and inclusion of girls in the science studies. Better educational model like mono educational system can increase the level of girls` participation in science education than the coeducation. The way of teaching science has greatly kept the girls away from going into science. Part time girls’ programs can increase the level of girls` participation in the science education.

How Would You Critique Strategy of Focusing on Cooperative Group Work as One Way to Foster Gender Equality in the Science Classroom?

Teachers need to monitor the groups since the male students may take over the group and give a little participation of the female. Mostly girls` feel inferior in groups with male. The female student ends up putting less or no effort in the science class. Single-sex groups can help girls gain confidence. However, these groups cannot guarantee increased performance. The groups with one gender do not help students` learning processes like the mixed groups.

In addition, the groups may have differences in terms of members` ability. Groups based on the ability of students tend to portray biasness towards the female students. Mixed ability groups should be encouraged. It enables the girls.............

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